Alas for Canada

What is one to say? The results speak for themselves, with the east more or less going ‘liberal’, the Prairies and Alberta going ‘conservative’, and BC going who knows where. I think it was Saint Augustine who quipped that we get the bishops we deserve, which may be extended, for the same goes for our leader. Either we choose them, to our own folly, or they are thrust upon us, as a punishment for our sins, or, more likely, a bit of both.

So we have four more years of le Dauphin, a man-boy who inherited the Prime Ministership as though it were his to taste with a silver spoon, one who has developed little in the way of character – and what little there is, is off-putting – and the same goes for his self-touted ‘values’, his lack of vision or any natural leadership, authority or capacity to lead, the inevitable result of an overly coddled and too-feted life. His mind seems more or less a tabula rasa, with the exception of the usual boilerplate causes, drummed into his and so many other malleable minds of students across this Dominion, who in turn voted for him.

That is in large part why Andrew Scheer lost this election. He was not conservative enough, his smiles, silences and overall sense of complaisance coming back to haunt him; yet at the same time, just being ‘conservative’ – any hint that one stands for traditional principles – is now enough to put most voters off, at least outside of those places where the majority of people still do an honest day’s work for a living, farming, ranching, drilling, building, rather than milling around in sinecures milking the pullulating government teats.

Oh, well. It seems we will have to learn the hard way, by experience, that murdering our unborn, sick and elderly will redound upon us in ways we likely don’t expect, that money and credit are not infinite; that reality in fact does exist, including God and His law, which is really only the ‘law’ of our own nature, the only path to our happiness and fulfilment.

That same reality and that same God can be very effective teachers, as history has shown. So have hope, dear reader, which I will not tire of repeating. God has His hand on all things.

Today is also the memorial of Pope Saint John Paul II, who began his tenure as the Vicar of Christ on this October 22nd, back in 1978, in what seems a whole different era. I hope to write on my own patron later on this morning…In the meantime, prayers assured!