A Soul, Joyfully Consecrated

    Sister Maria Immacualta (pikdo.net)

    On the Solemnity of the Assumption – a fitting and splendid day – the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate welcomed their newly professed member, Sister Maria Immaculata, who made her final vows in the presence of Bishop Douglas Crosby..

    The Mass was glorious, the music – with the Sisters singing under the direction of Sister Mary Augustine – transcendent, and Sister Maria Immaculata more joyfully jubilant, or perhaps jubilantly joyful, than anyone I have seen in at least recent memory.

    The new Sister had been a student at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, as Shelby Glofcheskie, and her radiance was evident even all those years ago. Some souls, I suppose, know their vocation from an early age – something that should be the norm, as Pope John Paul II alluded in his 1984 letter to youth. In this era of confusion and uncertainty, it should give hope to us all that such a bold and courageous choice was made by Sister Maria, to consecrate her life, soul and body to God from the very bloom of youth.

    The Sisters do much good, involved in caring for the elderly in their nursing home at their mother house in Cambridge, Ontario, and they have recently taken charge of Wayside school in Peterborough, amongst a number of other much-needed apostolates in parishes and schools. We may be confident that, by the grace of God and the help of our prayers, Sister Maria Immaculata will contribute greatly to this good, all for that same God, for His Church, through the help and intercession of His Mother.

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!