A New Look

As is the vogue nowadays, Catholic Insight will be presenting a new ‘look’, an updated and improved webpage, which will be launched, providentially enough, this Thursday, June 22nd, the feast of Saints Thomas More and John Fisher, two of the early martyrs (+1535) of what has come to be known, somewhat erroneously, as the Reformation. I will have more to write on these two great martyrs for the truth:  both were scholars, saints and witnesses to the faith, fitting patrons for the continuation of the apostolate of Catholic Insight.

Today is the feast of Saint Anthony Turner (+1687) and other martyrs of England towards the end of the persecution, under the ambivalent Charles II.  The story has it that Charles asked for his kerchief to be dipped in the martyrs’ blood, to help heal his gout, and supposedly died a Catholic, asking secretly for a priest towards the end.

We will only know the power of silent witness, especially of martyrdom, when all is revealed at the end.

All English martyrs, orate pro nobis.