A Fish Called an Election

I wrote a couple of days ago that something is real fishy about this election, but that seems far too anodyne now that three days have gone by, and there is still no decisive winner. The malodourous whiff emanating from all the dubious mail-in ballots, registrations for vacant lots, postmasters putting fake stamps on late ballots, or handing them out to strangers, Zuckerberg’s funding of extra polling stations, the extended deadlines, the strange and secretive manner of counting the votes, the delays, the unheard-of counting stoppage in Pennsylvania at 2 a.m., the ‘finding’ of tens of thousands of previously-undiscovered votes, all of them, lo and behold, for the Democrats.

Is this a coup that would make a drug-addled banana-republic dictator blush?

This certainly seems to be the stuff propaedeutic not just to a contested outcome, but to far more bitter and entrenched antagonism, perhaps even a revisiting of 1862, if such has not already begun, incipiently. Yet, as Mark Steyn says, he used to worry there would be a civil war; now, he worries there won’t be.

For the real question is how half of America could vote for a man such as Biden and a woman such as Harris. The Biden clan – by that, I mean, Dad and Son, Hunter – by all accounts seems mired in corruption, hand-in-glove with Communist China. Biden’s publicly touted principles are almost all antagonistic not only to Church teaching, but to basic moral sanity: On everything from abortion, to transgenderism, to the corrupted view of marriage and family life in the cause of ‘same-sex’ ‘marriage’, untrammeled illegal immigration, who wants to outlaw everything gas-powered, along with all ‘hate speech’ (i.e., the criticism of anything evil), and who seems more half on his way to losing his marbles so that we end with the bitterly anti-Catholic ‘President Designate Kamala’ – is beyond me.

The strange silence of almost all of the Church’s leaders, not just in the past while, but for six decades or so, since the ‘sexual revolution’ hit full-bore, does seem one significant dispositive cause of this scandalous mess. There are some who have spoken out, but we should pray for more with the spirit of Augustine, Jerome, Athanasius, Gregory…those who can remain firmly grounded in the Church, while condemning what needs to be condemned, a fine balance of orthodoxy and orthopraxy, achieved only with deep holiness. We will have more to write on that soon enough.

We may be well beyond redemption, and, like Thelma and Louise, already flying off the rim of the Grand Canyon – into the chasm of irremediable insanity.

The silver lining – and there always is one – is that we will hit bottom, like the proverbial alcoholic, and perhaps, like the un-killable coyote in Road Runner, claw our way back to sanity, reason, and the pursuit of life, freedom and that whole American way. Yes, I know that Wile E. Coyote always did the same stupid thing, but life isn’t a cartoon, and we can learn, even from fictional animated characters.

Then again, as Michael Warren Davis writes this morning, a hopeful outcome may be more imminent than that.

Off for now to pray, which is always the best option, and the ‘good part’, even if much else needs be done.