A Eulogy for Father de Valk and Homeschoolers Beware

A blessed Third Sunday of Easter to all our readers! Christus surrexit vere, alleluia!

Father Raymond de Souza has posted in the Catholic Register a nostalgic and laudatory reflection on fellow priest and journalist Father de Valk, which is worth a read.

And, while on the many battles fought by the feisty Dutchman de Valk, one of which was education, there are warning clouds on the horizon from Harvard for all our homeschooling readers. The Ivy League College is hosting a conference led by a certain Elizabeth Bartholet – this is one event I hope Covid prevents – whose theme is to make children being taught by their parents illegal. Dr. Bartholet’s days of educating any children – it’s unclear if she had any – are well over, as records state that she was married in the early sixties. But, like Herr Hitler himself, she certainly wants to make it verboten for everyone else, claiming that homeschooled children are generally ill-educated, badly socialized, and need the State’s benign hand.

From my own experience, and many others, homeschooled children are, in general, remarkably well educated, adjusted and grounded.

So keep fighting, dear reader, the good fight of the Faith, which includes your right to teach your children as you see fit.