Good and Bad Choices

Please do pray for Sister Maria Immaculata, of the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate, one the alumni from Seat of Wisdom College, a young woman who is preparing to make her final profession on the upcoming solemnity of the Assumption. A great gift to God, and an inspiration to us all.

And on the more tragic end of the spectrum, pray for the two young fugitives, accused of the murder of three people, who were recently found, apparently dead by suicide in northern Manitoba.

I will have more to say on the spate of mass murders, and what motivates individuals – invariably men – who are massacre those known, and unknown, to them.

For now, we should remind ourselves that we are in the hands of our own counsel, as Sirach says, a phrase quoted by Pope Saint John Paul in Veritatis Splendor: Who we are and who we become are the result of our own choices, for good or for ill.

So we may pray for others, that they may choose well, and that goodness and grace may increase, and evil and tragedy decrease. For is not that itself is a choice?