2021: Dark State Descending, But Hope in Christ Ascending

“More than two millennia after the birth of Jesus Christ, His teachings continue to inspire and uplift billions and billions of people all over the globe. His divine words still fill our hearts with hope and faith.” President Donald J.Trump, December 13, 2020

As we approach Christmas 2020, the news becomes ever more ominous. Which may be why we’re feeling less joyful than usual.

As I write, and barring a miracle, the Trump presidency appears to be almost over as a result of a highly organized and heavily funded voter fraud campaign massive enough to overturn the U.S. president’s landslide of November 3. That was the night when many Americans went to bed secure that their president was well ahead in the four swing states needed to secure victory, only to awaken to the news that his strong lead had been overtaken during the night by millions of mystery votes for Joe Biden, the pro-abort “devout Catholic” Democratic candidate who has since been unofficially declared President-Elect with 81 million votes – 7 million more than Trump – in an election which, according to the Washington Post, had the biggest voter turnout in American history.

But there’s a problem. With 213.8 million registered voters in the US and 66.2% of all voters voting in the 2020 election, that equals 141.5 million voters who voted last month. But President Trump won 74 million votes, which leaves only 67.5 million votes remaining for Biden who has claimed 81 million votes for his ‘win’. That means that 13 million duplicate or made-up ballots had to be created and counted for Biden.

What’s wrong with this picture? Everything. Beginning with the staggering amount of physical evidence pointing to voter fraud. Evidence the media – in one colluding voice – preferred to label as “baseless claims” rather than bother to do their job and investigate.

All this is what allowed the Democratic Party, together with their propagandizing media, to pull off what may be the greatest vote heist in history. And they pulled it off at precisely the moment when their country was at its most vulnerable – when small businesses and large economies across the West were being devastated by mandatory lockdowns and mysterious protocols ruthlessly imposed by bureaucrats and politicians to eradicate COVID-19.

Or so they claimed.

As time passes, however, and the depth and breadth of the evidence of fraud is revealed – all the media denial notwithstanding – it becomes breathtakingly obvious that this was their appointed moment to take power in the only way they could. And they carried out their heist with military precision in a pincer move connecting them directly to their parallel cause – The Great Reset.

The Great Reset

You’ve heard of it, of course. This new-ish global agenda is the brainchild of German professor Karl Schwab of the World Economic Forum – an agenda that might accurately be called the spawn of Marxism and Satanism. An agenda that pretends to be everything it is not. It will not, for example, steer markets to fairer outcomes. It will not result in government reforms that promote more equitable outcomes. But it will make deceptive promises about the withdrawal of fossil-fuel subsidies and changes to wealth taxes and new rules governing intellectual property, trade and competition, as Schwab promised in his TIME Magazine cover story earlier this year.

What he really meant but won’t say directly is that the Great Reset will usher in a global scheme of socialistic policies to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance on a worldwide scale.

In effect, the Great Reset is a new “social contract” that ties every person to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will eventually dictate every facet of your life. This means getting rid of capitalism and free enterprise, and replacing them with “sustainable development” and “stakeholder capitalism” — terms that belie its nefarious, anti-humanity intentions, according to journalist James Corbett in his October 16, 2020, Corbett Report.

It gets uglier: These new global “assets” can be turned into brand new financial instruments that can then be traded. For example, India is now headed toward Zero-Budget Natural Farming — a new concept of farming in which farmers must trade the carbon rate in their soil on the global market if they want to make a living, explains Vandana Shiva, PhD. “They’ll get no money at all for the crops they actually grow.”

In fact, there’s not a single area of life left out of this Great Reset plan which will affect everything from government, energy and finance to food, medicine, real estate, policing and even how we interact with our fellow human beings in general.

Corbett concludes: “To sum it up, the desired end result is a giant, joyless, highly controlled global conveyor of everything and everybody where privacy is tremendously expensive, dissent is unthinkable, and spiritual submission is mandatory.”

The truth of this megalomanical plan is that it empowers global elites to determine the “public good” and therefore control the deployment of resources towards what they deem to be “health and social challenges.”

It’s the stuff of dystopian horror novels.

And if implemented, the Great Reset will change the world as we know it. Canadian and American sovereignty will be undermined, as will personal freedom. So predictably, it comes with plenty of powerful support, including a litany of prominent institutions and leaders, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Greenpeace International, International Trade Union Confederation, McKinsey & Company, John Kerry, Al Gore, Jack Ma and Justin Trudeau, who said recently: “Canada believes that a strong, coordinated response across the world and across sectors is essential. This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”

Out of our prime minister’s own mouth. All confirming suspicions you may have already had that this pandemic not only provided the perfect opportunity for a reset but has also been more politically than medically driven. And when it first arrived, we the sheeple bought into all the horrific footage and media reports that ran across our TV screens nightly in the early days of this pandemic. Unquestioning. And as expected!

Trump, the Lone Opposition

So, of course, Donald Trump has to go. Having told the UN that America will never become a victim of socialism, his agenda was and always has been antithetical to these globalist schemes. Unlike Joe Biden whose “Build Back Better” echoes Trudeau’s Liberals and is straight out of the Great Reset playbook. So no surprise that Biden’s presidential staff members also voice support for Schwab’s game plan for the greatest earthly revolution since Marxism began infecting minds in 1848 with the publication of The Communist Manifesto.

All of which means the Great Reset is already here. And it’s likely to soon become the already much discussed New World Order wherein anyone who doesn’t support it will be consigned to the rubbish bin in the myriad ways already witnessed this year.

If they don’t perish first from the COVID-19 virus which is lethal to less than one percent of the population but still treated as potentially fatal to all who test positive. What’s more, this latest Big Lie has proved so effective that many now suffer deep fear and free-floating anxiety, resulting from an almost year-long campaign of propaganda bombarding us daily across all media.

And, now with round two of the lockdowns underway across North America, you’ve likely noticed the latest onslaught of public service announcements promoting “climate change”! As if! Yet all these TV spots serve as justification for ramping up carbon taxes at precisely the worst time, while undermining market principles that created prosperity for Canadians and hundreds of millions of people around the world. And without any parliamentary debate or approval!

Sadly, such sleight of hand is typical of any culture which, having dismissed the natural law and Christian morality and replaced it with secular relativism, finds itself descending fast into corruption. chaos and tyranny.

Says former finance minister Joe Oliver: “The Reset is tied at the hip to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and sustainable finance, which have been adopted by trillion dollar pension funds, corporate behemoths and central banks, including the Bank of Canada. With all that international political, bureaucratic and corporate power, the transmogrification may be unstoppable. Moralizing about reforming capitalism to achieve economic sustainability and social justice may sound benign to the credulous. However, it signals an effort by governments and unaccountable multilateral organizations to impose socialist ideas, mandate environmental standards, undermine personal choice and hobble free markets.”

So ask yourself, what are the chances these events are disconnected from each other? Or that the sudden appearance of the Great Reset earlier this year which – as one pundit observed – is anything other than the Green New Deal on steroids? Is this all part of one giant conspiracy? A conspiracy that appears to have cancelled The Great Barrington Declaration (a statement drafted October 4 at the American Institute for Economic Research and signed by thousands of physicians and epidemiologists) because it questioned the entire basis of the pandemic lockdowns and its associated power grabs?

You’ll decide for yourself. But reason suggests it can’t be anything less. Nor can it be anything else!

Media Midwives

Consider the evidence. Begin with the media which long ago ceased to be an objective and impartial source of daily news. Instead these ‘watchers’ need ‘watching’ as they dispense daily  so-called ‘news’ which is distorted, twisted and/or often withheld deliberately to create an ongoing ‘narrative’ designed to deceive and influence voters into choosing politicians the media support for power positions. The latest example is the deliberate withholding by the mainstream media in lockstep of what the New York Post reported as deeply scandalous information contained on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, which may have impacted his father’s vote negatively if the details – which were troublingly concealed by FBI – were widely reported.

But that’s just one example of typical media omission, distortion and lies amidst almost five years of daily assaults on Donald Trump whose pro-American pro-Life policies appeared to the mainstream media like crosses before vampires. Such has been their hatred for him as they daily branded him a ‘liar’, it was as if the Fourth Estate had been seized with Tourette’s Syndrome.

To them, so intolerable is his very existence that he must go. Particularly now that Schwab and Bill Gates are so keen to implement a microchip-based program tracking the COVID status of millions. And not a minute too soon, as far as the radical Left and the media are concerned.

Vaccine Theatre

So you can forget the recent release of two new vaccines which have already caused worrying side-effects and may not do much overall to reduce the case numbers – case numbers which are  becoming increasingly questionable. Indeed, there’s been a rising number of reports suggesting the statistics for actual COVID-19 deaths are being artificially increased by adding in deaths unrelated to the virus, such as a Colorado coroner’s recent report stating that five of the latest deaths in her town – listed as COVID-19 deaths – were actually the result of gunshots!

Consider too the news from Europe where Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy are now in a second full lockdown while simultaneously suffering incalculable financial damage to their economies. Add to that news from the UK that a new variant of COVID-19 has just been identified by 60 local authorities. And, according to UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, “there is nothing to suggest this variant virus would be immune to newly developed vaccines.”

“We’ve currently identified over 1,000 cases with this variant predominantly in the South of England although cases have been identified in nearly 60 different local authority areas,” said Hancock’s statement. “We do not know the extent to which this is because of the new variant but no matter its cause we have to take swift and decisive action which unfortunately is absolutely essential to control this deadly disease while the vaccine is rolled out.”

Of course, the World Health Organization has been notified, along with Big Tech which will now tighten its grip accordingly by continuing to censor whatever information runs counter to the current narrative.

What this also means is that the sudden appearance of yet another virus signals that the Public Health bureaucracy – from the WHO to all government health operatives around the world – will continue to have power to lock down any and all it wants. Indefinitely. Or until such time as the real goals of this socialist cadre are fulfilled.

Why? Because, at long last, they can.

 A Century of Destruction

After a century of infiltrating, subverting and perverting every healthy institution across Christendom – including Christianity and the family – the Leftist Globalist industrial complex has reached critical mass. Now in control of the critical levers of power in government, bureaucracy, academe, courts and media, this is their moment in history to change the entire cultural, economic and spiritual landscape.

Just look at what 2020 has wrought.

We’re all now living in a virtual world. At the end of a disturbing and disorienting year in which even our churches have been closed “for our own good” and we’re being spiritually deprived, we’re finding ourselves feeling vaguely frightened, perhaps in direct proportion to the dramatically reduced number of Masses and the absence of public prayer while Christian statues are being destroyed in diverse places and any sense of a return to normalcy appears ever more distant in the rear view mirror.

Yet, if one is paying even superficial attention, one doesn’t have far to look to glimpse the true motives behind all this.

For as obvious as the goals of The Great Reset are, among the most obvious is its war on Christianity in general and Jesus Christ in particular whose birth we celebrate later this week while our public officials counsel us to stay away from our churches to protect our health!

And therefore to stay away from Our Lord Jesus Christ Who this Leftist cabal has been trying to eradicate from the Earth since King Herod sent his soldiers to kill the Holy Innocents in the hope the Infant Jesus was among them.

The Eternal Christmas Story

Herod failed. And two thousand years on, nothing has changed. Nothing. Not the World. Nor its sinful ways. Nor all its fallen human inhabitants, all in desperate need of eternal salvation and who will either embrace Jesus Christ as their saviour or reject Him and His moral teachings as offensive to their egos, their proclivities and their ambitions for worldly power, status and luxury.

Thus the economy of spiritual salvation is as it always has been. The Cross still marks the intersection between Time and Eternity. To choose Christ is to choose Life, Light and Truth; to reject Him is to embrace Darkness.

Which is also why this latest push by Satan and his minions to blot our Divine Saviour out of the culture, the human heart, the human soul and human memory may turn into a major persecution which has already begun.

As we approach Christmas 2020, the historic parallels with the Birth of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago are hard to miss.

In those days, Joseph and Mary were travelling to Bethlehem to register for a census imposed by Caesar Augustus. The same Augustus whose tomb is, this very day, being restored in Rome, which is suffering a lockdown even of St. Peter’s Basilica. How ironic.

Yet then, as now, worldly governments appeared to be in charge, and have the power over life and death.

Ironic too that it was U.S. President Donald Trump – arguably the most hated man in the world except for the love of his 75 million-strong supporters – who just delivered what may be the most timely Christmas message of all during this chaotic period characterized by massive political corruption, massive voter fraud, and intensified attacks on Christians around the world.

Trump’s Christmas Message

Accompanied by the First Lady Melania, his message was brief, but contained the true meaning of Christmas, which is something Christians from all over the world will agree to: “For Christians, this is a joyous time to remember God’s greatest Gift to the world – more than 2,000 years ago the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. He said ‘do not be afraid, you have found favor with God.’ The angel told her that she would give birth to a baby boy, Jesus, Who would be called the Son of the Most High. Nine months later Christ was born in the town of Bethlehem. The Son of God came into the world in a humble stable.”

The President then spoke of the impact of that very humbling event while acknowledging the reason for the arrival of Jesus Christ: “As Christians everywhere know, the birth of our Lord and Savior changed history forever. At Christmas we give thanks to God, and that God sent His only Son to die for us and to offer everlasting peace to all humanity.”

The President then spoke of the long-term effects the first Christmas have had until today and reminded listeners about Christ’s very important instruction to His followers to ‘love one another’ … “Above all, during this sacred season our souls are full of thanks and praise for Almighty God for sending us Christ, His Son, to redeem the world.”

The 45th President of the United States then concluded with a short prayer for America and his every constituent, regardless of their political leaning, faith, and economic status: “Tonight we ask that God will continue to bless this nation and we pray that He will grant every American family a Christmas season full of joy, hope, and peace.”

His message couldn’t have been more timely.

Why? Because the fallen world into which Jesus was born may be at a turning point in human history where a dark, anti-human, socialistic state is descending, aided by the same mainstream media that refused to cover this president’s Christian message to his country and its citizens, leaving pro-life news websites to fill the breach by uploading Trump’s message to the internet.

A sign of the times indeed. Just as the Birth of Jesus Christ is the Sign for All Times and continues to be.

May the love, light and Truth of Jesus Christ be yours now and forever. May you and your families love Him and honour Him on this Happy and Holy feast of Christmas.

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Paula Adamick is founding editor of The Canada Post, the newspaper serving the Canadian expat community in the United Kingdom (about 200,000 of us) from 1997 to 2012. With a BA in English and Journalism and a UK Masters degree in International Journalism, Adamick has also served as arts correspondent for The Scotsman and as a frequent contributor to The Evening Standard, and The Daily Mail (all UK) as well as to Canadian publications such as Challenge and Catholic Insight.