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St. Joseph

When King Herod was holding court, all the best and brightest newspapers, reporters, gossip-mongers, and talking heads were constantly in attendance trying to get a scoop on the latest news from the palace. This was the place to be—the inner circle of the king, the seat of government—and all the big-wigs of the day were there. Yet they all missed the biggest story of human history: in a remote part of the countryside (more or less in the middle of nowhere) ... (Continue reading)

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I’ve been walking around the last few days with the name "Kermit" in my head and vomit close to the surface. You almost have to be made of Teflon to be able to stomach the events that are being laid out in a courtroom in Pennsylvania...tales so horrific it makes me wonder if history is repeating itself here and now and we’re stuck in Nazi Germany. The facts are as gruesome as some of the worst concentration camp stories, and ... (Continue reading)

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Education: the root of heroism.

"Education" may not be the first word that comes to mind if you are asked what causes heroism, but it's an interesting idea. Today many people believe “heroes” are musicians, entertainers, athletes, or actors. However, a “hero,” in the true sense of the word, is one who steps out of the ordinary with courage, resolution, and selflessness. And Our Lord revealed through His teachings and example the ultimate essence of heroism, so those who are educated in Christian principles become ... (Continue reading)

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The Ugly Beautiful

It’s Holy Thursday today, as you likely know, and this year I am confronted with humanity: humanity in all of its ugly beauty. That’s right. Humanity is beautiful. And humanity is ugly. Sort of like the Cross. Today we commemorate Christ, eating the Last Supper with his dear ones, washing their feet, dipping his hand into a dish to touch a beloved traitor. Jesus must have looked at Judas and remembered the woven tapestry of his life—his birth, his childhood, him ... (Continue reading)

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Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

After her death, St. Teresa of Avila appeared to one of her nuns bearing an important message: "There should be no difference as far as purity and love are concerned, between the blessed in Heaven and the faithful on Earth, though we are perfectly happy and you are suffering. What the Divine Essence is to us in Heaven, the Blessed Sacrament should be to you on Earth." For the past few weeks, I have been following the prayers in the book Visits ... (Continue reading)

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Life is not a fairy tale.

When a person gets everything that she wants, when she has all the things that she thinks she needs, and life is being wonderfully kind; when there is nothing terrible hanging over her head and no looming catastrophe, she might say something along the lines of “it feels just like a fairy tale.” When her lucky streak is over in a day, a week, a month, a year, when life is no longer handing her everything on ... (Continue reading)

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How fleas brought me closer to God

It’s been a ridiculously bad year. For fleas, that is. Something about the summer being so hot with little rain, blah blah blah, I didn’t really listen because all I could see is the wretched fleas jumping off the carpet, biting my ankles and hitching rides on my dog into my house. Last week, there were about a hundred. Today, there were about 20. Things get better and then worse and then better again. I’m itchy just thinking about it ... (Continue reading)

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