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Needs and Wants

When my husband and I were first married we lived on the outskirts of a pretty uppity community. Wednesday was trash day so Tuesday evenings we would drive around the neighbourhood, “shopping.” We picked up a wide array of furniture and décor in those days—the things that people were "donating" to the landfill were amazing: headboards, antiques, area rugs, bookshelves, and lots more. We pretty near furnished our whole apartment with found items and made a comfortable home for ourselves ... (Continue reading)

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So you want to be a radical?

How many of us walk by the kiosks where the lottery tickets are sold and just for a second imagine what it would be like to win 50 million? What would we buy? What would we give to family, church, or charity? Personally, I imagine what it would be like not to have to worry about paying the bills, and how settled it would be to have my home paid off. I’d plan elaborate vacations with the extended family and ... (Continue reading)

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Religious Environmentalism and Population Control

Seems like those who give their hearts and souls to environmentalism are the only canonized saints these days: those who fight the good fight for mother earth by religiously performing the rituals of recycling, reducing, reusing, composting, eating only local organic food, having urban gardens, organizing CSAs, etc. Seems to me they've misplaced their faith—living solely by human standards instead of God’s. I’m definitely not saying that all manner of "saving the earth" is intrinsically evil or against the teachings of the ... (Continue reading)

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