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Society and sexual addictions

I distinctly remember in the Rome train station searching the huge departure board to find the platform our train was leaving from in T minus 12 seconds. While I was not able to find our train, my eyes were caught by the gigantic lingerie ad that was directly next to the departure information. Drop dead gorgeous male and female models showcasing skin and g-strings. Exactly what I want to see when I’m looking for my train schedule. As my grandmother ... (Continue reading)

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Why we need the Church

Michael Coren

I read the story beneath the title with trepidation but, truth be told, with more than a little resignation. A Montreal deacon had been charged with producing child pornography, a pre-Christmas headline told us. The crime is horrendous. But he is a Catholic—was it another gift, seasonal at that, given to the Catholic-bashers, the media, the atheists, and the rest of them to attack us? Yes, it was. I’ve no idea if sixty-five-year-old William Kokesch is guilty or not, and for ... (Continue reading)

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