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Vatican releases survey on faith and doctrine: world says Church is now democracy

The Vatican just released a survey asking for parish-level input on next year's Synod on Faith and Family. The questionnaire has been sent to all Catholic parishes; England has already set up a website where Catholics can complete the form. It is 38 questions long and includes a preamble detailing the Church's official position on each subject. The reader is meant to answer the questions according to how they understand and live the teachings. Despite what most "news" sites are claiming, Pope ... (Continue reading)

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People are people

Did anyone watch the Boston bombing news with great interest? Were you glued to updates and bulletins, carefully checking the suspects’ faces and watching their every move on the security camera footage released by the FBI—regardless of whether you lived near Boston? I sure did, and I live hundreds of kilometers away. I watched it all with serious concern for the people there. I prayed for and watched the stories about those who stepped in to help during the crisis—and ... (Continue reading)

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Catholic marriage: you’re worth it.

A few days ago, one of my fellow bloggers posted an article entitled, “Marry that virtuous Atheist!” I respect Mary’s opinion—but I think she is dead wrong. And my reasons are based on Church teaching and logic. The belief that you can marry an atheist and be happy is based on hope—hope that your atheist spouse will eventually convert and espouse your faith. This is true and it can happen; anything is possible with God and with prayer. St. Monica ... (Continue reading)

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