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Gift Guide: For the woman who is always busy


I've been checking out gift guides lately. They range from the utterly ridiculous (for those who have everything) to the downright practical (for those who have nothing) and everything in between. So I didn't pause for a minute when our blog editor, Meaghen, suggested I come up with a gift list for the busy women in your life. Here's a short list of great gifts. Prayer and Devotion A Catholic Woman's Book of Days by Amy Welborn looks mighty lovely. I haven't read this, but it ... (Continue reading)

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Say “yes” to the duty of the moment


Doing the duty of the moment means focusing our whole person—heart, soul, body, emotions, intellect, memory, imagination—on the job at hand! The duty of the moment done for God is glamorous, exciting, wondrous." Catherine Doherty, Grace In Every Season Many years ago, when I was a much younger mother juggling pregnancies, little children, hospital shifts where I worked as a nurse, and all the other aspects of my daily life, I came across the writing of Catherine Doherty: in particular, her book Grace ... (Continue reading)

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Nazareth Family Spirituality


It was an exciting day when I received Nazareth Family Spirituality: Celebrating Your Faith at Home with Catherine Doherty in the mail. I had seen it, newly minted, on the Madonna House bookshelves and eyed it longingly, so it was a real treat when I could finally crack the cover. While the heart of this book consists of Catherine’s meditations on marriage and family, many taken from the old Dear Parents book, I have situated these within the context of Catherine’s meditations ... (Continue reading)

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The Sixth Love Language


We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, a gigantic milestone in our secular culture as we have been married almost three times as long as most celebrities and 226 times longer than Brittany Spears’ first marriage (it lasted 55 hours). When people find out it’s a "big" anniversary they inevitably ask what our secret is for a happy marriage—and I must confess that I don’t have one. I don’t think there is a secret to happy marriages. Good marriages come in all shapes and sizes ... (Continue reading)

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A Lenten antidote


Before Lent the requisite lists of Things To Give Up made the rounds on my favourite blogs. I always read those lists, if only to spark my own imagination into coming up with something unique—some unusual and challenging to punish myself with for the next six weeks. Why don’t I give up driving for Lent? Or beat myself with cords? Or go on a juice fast? Or pray for three hours every day? What is Lent but the opportunity for ... (Continue reading)

Blessed Pope John-Paul II: “Families become what you are”

holy family

On a recent Saturday morning, I had the privilege of speaking to the Raising Faith-Filled Kids Group at the Newman Centre in Toronto. We looked at ways in which Catholic families can grow in holiness. In his 1981 Encyclical Familiaris Consortio: The Role of the Family in the Modern World, Blessed Pope John Paul II urged: "Families, become what you are." He explained: "spouses are therefore the permanent reminder to the Church of what happened on the Cross; they are for one another and ... (Continue reading)

Defeating the poverty of indifference

On a wet, chilly Saturday morning in October, something wonderful but odd happened at my parish. Wonderful because it was during the Mass in which young people and their parents took part in a Confirmation enrolment ceremony. Odd because the promises that parents and the confirmandi made ought to be obvious and as natural as breathing for all who were there. We, the parents of the Confirmation class, promised to support our children by attending Mass each week and following a ... (Continue reading)

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Ten suggestions for contemplation in a noisy world

I sat in my kitchen on the morning of Labour Day, watching and listening to the activity around me. My husband, myself, and our three youngest children had arrived home on the previous evening from a three-week vacation in Newfoundland and this was the first time that the family (or at least, nine of the ten of us) were together. Our young adult children were unable to come with us and now they were simultaneously relaying all the events of the ... (Continue reading)

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Our imperfect family rosary

When I was growing up, my immature self believed that the family rosary was something that had to be endured. Through no fault of my parents, the nightly ritual was anything but idyllic. My siblings and I were called into our parents' bedroom where we knelt facing the crucifix. My older brother and I would sneak jabs and pokes at each other and then my mother would scold and separate us. I would often rush through the responses hoping that ... (Continue reading)

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How fleas brought me closer to God

It’s been a ridiculously bad year. For fleas, that is. Something about the summer being so hot with little rain, blah blah blah, I didn’t really listen because all I could see is the wretched fleas jumping off the carpet, biting my ankles and hitching rides on my dog into my house. Last week, there were about a hundred. Today, there were about 20. Things get better and then worse and then better again. I’m itchy just thinking about it ... (Continue reading)

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