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Senate Passes Euthanasia Law


The Canadian Senate has capitulated, passing into law Bill C-14 legalizing 'Medical Aid in Dying', or, more properly, murder-assisted suicide. It will now be legal, even binding in some jurisdictions we may presume, for physicians and other health personnel, to kill their patients. The Senate wanted to broaden the scope of the law, permitting murder-suicide even if death were not 'reasonably forseeable' (a broad notion in itself), but they will live with it for now, pardon the pun.  The scope ... (Continue reading)

The Two Divine Ladies

our lady seat of wisdom

Today is the feast of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, the patroness of our college here in Barry's Bay, as well as Our Lady of Combermere, the patroness of Madonna House, situated in the town of Combermere just south of us. Our Lady Seat of Wisdom is the title of Mary as the 'seat of wisdom', the one who offers God's own Wisdom to the world in His incarnate form.  Pope Saint John Paul the Great invokes her at the end ... (Continue reading)

Bishop-Elect Father Scott McCaig

father scott

This evening at 7:30 p.m., on the Feast of the Visitation, fittingly enough celebrated on the last day in the month of May dedicated to Our Lady, Father Scott McCaig, the Moderator of the Companions of the Cross, will be ordained a bishop of the Catholic Church, for the Military Vicariate. I knew Father Scott years ago, when he acted as our chaplain here at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom in its early years, and we shared a number of cigars, ... (Continue reading)

Saint Philip and Witnessing for Life

saint philip

Today is the feast of Saint Philip Neri (+1595), the second Apostle of Rome, and the founder of the Oratory, whose houses are now found throughout the world (Bd. John Henry Newman brought the Oratory to England).  As you may know from my brief biography, I lived and studied at the Toronto Oratory, and owe a great debt of gratitude to Saint Philip, and the Fathers and Brothers of his Oratory.  May the joyful spirit of the great Saint of ... (Continue reading)

Birthday Blessings to JP II, Marriage and the Liberals’ Ludicrous Energy Plan

JP II birthday

*Today would have been the 96th birthday of Pope Saint John Paul II, who died just shy of his 85 birthday.  Very few Popes have reached this venerable age; Pope Leo XIII, the oldest reigning pontiff known to history, reached his 93rd year.  I know not how old John Paul/Karol is in heaven.  Not having his body back yet, we may presume, he is now ageless, but enjoying the beatific vision.  So happy birthday, in your well-deserved 'rest' until, God ... (Continue reading)

March for Life 2016

march for life

  This  Thursday is the 17th annual March for Life, commemorating Trudeau Sr.'s to demonstrate our commitment to life in a visible, public way.  People debate about the value of such demonstrations, especially as they are comically, one might say conspiratorially, under-represented in the media.   CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star:  What March?  Oh, yeah, those few radicals who get together every year...   The main value to my mind is spiritual, to unite in prayer and common purpose for an end to the ... (Continue reading)

Tallis Scholars

Tallis Scholars

 Tallis Choir of Toronto presents: “Our Good Wills” – The World of Shakespeare & Byrd Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 7:30 pm St. Patrick’s Church 141 McCaul Street (north of Dundas, near St. Patrick station) Toronto, ON M5T 1W3 416-598-3269 Students, $10 (at door only); seniors, $25; general admission, $30 Information or; 416-286-9798   Tallis Choir of Toronto celebrates two contemporary giants – William Byrd and William Shakespeare – with a program linking their works. The program features ... (Continue reading)

Amoris Laetitia, Global Greed, and Warming Up

*The Holy Father's Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia is now promulgated.  I have only read the first few pages, wherein the Pope advises us to read the document "patiently and carefully".  At over 200 pages, that may be unavoidable.  There are already a number of commentaries out there, presumably by those who have read it at a rather quicker pace.  Commentators have already remarked that the Pope has advocated that we 'not throw stones' at those who fail in living ... (Continue reading)

Legislators, P.E.I. and Lust in the Classroom

A blessed Easter Octave Friday, which liturgically is a Sunday.  There is an old adage about a 'month of Sundays', but the Catholic Church really does have a week of Sundays after the Solemnity of the Resurrection, the greatest feast in our calendar, the solemnity of solemnities, and the date from which all the rest of our liturgical year flows.  So manducemus et bibamus, cras hodie Christus resurrexit, alleluia! But the world rolls on in its seemingly inevitable slide towards insanity:  ... (Continue reading)

Of Depravity and Bullying

saint joseph holy family

*A blessed solemnity of Saint Joseph to one and all!   *To paraphrase the words of the great American Justice, Robert Bork, we slouch each day closer to Gomorrah.  Louise Ciccone, the woman otherwise unfortunately known as 'Madonna', has crossed another threshold in her older-age depravity (she is now in her later fifties) by exposing the breast of a 17 year-old fan on stage.  The teen, apparently, was not troubled.  Far from it: Speaking to Brisbane’s Courier Mail, Georgiou said after the incident, “Only ... (Continue reading)

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