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M-87 and the Demise of Free Speech

. The benign face of totalitarian tendencies.

Not one MPP, yes, nary a one of our elected representatives in provincial parliament, not on Conservative, not even the much-vaunted Sam Oosterhoof and all the rest of the Conservatives, raised a voice of protest, even a token one, against the recent provincial motion M-37 condemning, you guessed it, Islamophobia.  Emotionally-driven legislating is never good at the best of times, and this is not the best of times.  Newly minted representative Nathalie Des Rosiers put forward the motion, which ... (Continue reading)

Discerning the Chair of Peter

chair of peter

We celebrate the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter on this day, commemorating by synecdoche the office of the papacy, instituted by Christ, as recounted in today's Gospel from the sixteenth chapter of Saint Matthew: Simon Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." And Jesus answered him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.  And I tell you, you are Peter, ... (Continue reading)

The Imposition of Family Day

Ottawa Citizen

I suppose it is requisite to wish everyone a happy 'Family Day', even though my reservations with this holiday, which is not really a 'holy day', run deep.  Imposed top-down by the heavy-handed and intrusive government of Dalton McGuinty, the pre-Wynne premier, many of whose socialist and immoral policies, the ineptitude of whose government, the debt load he piled up, the boondoggles of green energy for which we are still paying in the billions, were anything but good for the ... (Continue reading)

Two Marital Extremes


Pondering the post-Valentine blues, here is a view of two opposite sides of culture that would have very difficult time cohabiting, so to speak.  In Pakistan a mob of enraged men (there seem a lot of them in that part of the world) stormed a police station, beating and shooting to death a young couple.  The leaders of this mob were members of the female side of the couple, led by her own father, and as the article relates, ... (Continue reading)

Cyril, Methodius and Valentine

cyril and methodius

Today in the universal calendar we celebrate the ninth-century monks and missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius, patrons of Europe, who translated the Liturgy into slavonic, allowing for the conversion of untold thousands into the Church.  They have always been venerated as the 'Apostles to the Slavs', and Pope John Paul II declared them co-patrons of Europe, along with the great Saint Benedict. Of course, on this day we also celebrate Saint Valentine, a rather obscure 3rd century martyr, who has become ... (Continue reading)

The Hopeful Message of Lourdes


Today we celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes, when on a cold winter day in 1858 in the south of France, the Virgin Mary appeared to the young peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous, with sixteen subsequent visitations, culminating in the 'Lady's' declaration, in response to Bernadette's question, that she was the 'Immaculate Conception', a dogma proclaimed by Bd. Pius IX four years earlier. What was once an unremarkable village in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Lourdes has now become one of the foremost ... (Continue reading)

Sister Saint Josephine Bakhita: Infinite Mercy


On this day in 1947, Sister Josephine Bakhita completed the long and eventful journey of her life. Her childhood was spent happy and fulfilled growing up in the region of Darfur, which was then not the apocalyptic warzone it is today. But profound evil still lurked around the corner, as Josephine (a name she later adopted..She lost the memory of her original name) was kidnapped (soon after her elder sister) by Arab slave traders, and sold into slavery.  Then began ... (Continue reading)

The Joyful Japanese Martrys of Nagasaki

japanese martyrs

Today is the feast of Saint Paul Miki and Companion martyrs, put to death by crucifixion on February 5, 1597 at Nagasaki, Japan, whose example offers  a healthy antidote to the rather darker and, to be quite honest, more depressing, meanderings and musings of the sad and tragic apostasy in the novel (now film) Silence.  The Office of Readings is a powerful contemporary testimony to the glorious martyrdom, as the Franciscan priests, brothers and their lay associates prayed, sang and forgave ... (Continue reading)

Whither True Wealth, Mr. Depp?

johnny depp 2

The Church has consistently advocated the proper distribution of wealth in society, ensuring that each one has 'enough' on which to live. Of course, the Magisterium has consistently condemned the intrinsically perverse solution of 'socialism', advocated by Karl Marx, and developed by his intellectual descendants, wherein the benign and disinterested 'State' would gather to itself all the means of production, and distribute justly as each has 'need'.  In turn, each worker would provide for the commonwealth according to his 'capacity'. Things ... (Continue reading)

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, Thomas and Accreditation

thomas 2

As I mentioned on Saturday, now proclaimed on our webpage, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom has received accreditation.  Alleluia!  The little college that began with nine students back in the Jubilee Year 2000, has now been recognized by the Ontario government as a degree-granting institution. It is significant that we heard news of this on the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, who is not only one of our heroes around here, but also the patron saint of Catholic schools and ... (Continue reading)

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