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The Prime Minister and the Pope

ctv news

Justin Trudeau has finally met the Pope, in theory, his spiritual head, to whom he (Mr. Trudeau, that is) owes obedience and respect.  One would not have thought so, as John Robson points out, as Trudeau sauntered in to lecture the Holy Father, demanding, or perhaps requesting, yet another 'apology' for the Residential School crisis.  Mr. Robson, who does not profess Catholicism, seems to have a clearer  idea of what it means to be a Catholic than Trudeau, who ... (Continue reading)

Scheer Wins

From:  cbc.ca

Andrew Scheer has won the election as leader of the federal Conservative Party, thankfully and rather surprisingly narrowly edging out front-runner Maxime Bernier, who would have been another bland pseudo-conservative disaster, stumbling around from one policy to the next (hello, Mr. Patrick 'who am I and what do I stand for?' Brown). Mr. Scheer, a practising Roman Catholic, father of five, who has a perfect voting record on life issues, promises hope for the future, pledging to unite 'fiscal' and 'social' ... (Continue reading)

More Martyrs in Egypt

From:  The Guardian.com

Sometimes, following Saint Philip Neri in his spirit of joy is a difficult one, as we hear of another Islamic attack, this time on a bus filled with Christians on a desert road, many of them children, en route to the shrine of Saint Samuel the Confessor, just south of Cairo.  The attackers sprayed the bus with bullets, killing at least 28 and wounding many others.  As always, we must pray for the victims but, even more, for the perpetrators. ... (Continue reading)

The Pope, Trump and Climate Change

From: Time.com

The Holy Father and President Donald Trump finally had  a face to face meeting yesterday which, as accounts have it, began rather awkwardly, but soon warmed up (although the Pope still looks rather stony-faced in the group shot afterward) as the two discussed various topics for half an hour, snippets of which were revealed, striving for peace at the top of the agenda.  I hope this is the beginning of an ongoing and fruitful dialogue and cooperation, in the vein ... (Continue reading)

Help of Christians, China and Trudeau’s Communion

help of christians

Today is the memorial of Our Lady Help of Christians, a title first used by Saint John Chrysostom, patriarch of Constantinople, in 345, and invoked ever since.  Pope Saint Pius V urged Catholics to plead for her intercession in the war against the onslaught of the Islamic Ottoman Turks in the latter half of the 16th century, which was, fortunately for the future of Europe, successful. The Pope had the title inserted into the Litany of Loreto, in thanksgiving for ... (Continue reading)

Massacre in Manchester

manchester bomb

ISIS has struck again, in the heart of Britain, as a suicide bomber detonated a ‘sophisticated’ device as young concertgoers were leaving an ‘Ariana Grande’ concert in Manchester. At least 22 have been killed, and dozens more injured. Details are of course still emerging, and in the meantime we must pray for the victims, for the eternal rest of those who have died, for healing for those who survived, and that God may have mercy on thei perpetrators of this ... (Continue reading)

The Queen’s Birthday


A very joyful Victoria Day to all our Canadian readers!  A statuatory federal holiday, which was originally instituted to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria (May 24, 1819), Canadians celebrate the first 'long weekend' of summer which contains the Monday before May 24th.  Hence, its colloquial term of 'May 24', which also has not so subliminal connections to a 24 pack of beer, a beverage often enjoyed during this time. Canada is technically a 'Dominion', still under the governance of Her ... (Continue reading)

Pope Benedict, Silence and Cardinal Sarah

benedict and sarah

I just came across a brief commentary by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, on Robert Cardinal Sarah's new book, The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise.  What the Pope Emeritus writes here will comprise an afterword in future editions, and I am very happy to see Benedict still writing from his seclusion, his mind sharp as ever. The principal point the Pope and Cardinal make is on the necessity of silence, so that we can listen to God, to hear ... (Continue reading)

The Eternal Perspective of Pope Saint John I

Pope John I

Today is the feast of Pope Saint John I (470-526), the first Pope to visit Constantinople, on an ambassadorial mission to Emperor Justin on behalf of the Arian King Theodoric, now ruler of the Western empire.  The purpose of the mission was to mitigate Justin's decrees against Arians, a fourth-century heresy which denied the divinity of Christ, condemned by two ecumenical councils, but which still lingered in the Church, particularly amongst Germanic 'barbarian' converts like Theodoric. Pope John made the arduous ... (Continue reading)

The Pope, Fatima and Medjugorje


In his recent pilgrimage to Fatima, the Holy Father, in canonizing two of the young seers, Jacinta and Francesco, delivered a fine homily on the mysterious woman the children saw, whom they, in their innocence, knew to be the Mother of God: We have a Mother!” Pope Francis exclaimed, continuing, ... (Continue reading)

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