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Orlando Massacre and the Clash of Cultures


As you have likely read already, fifty people have been killed in an attack on an Orlando 'gay' nightclub, with fifty-three more injured, the largest individual mass-killing in U.S. history.  The alleged assailant was a 29 year-old Muslim man, Omar Mateen, a security guard originally from New York (hence, his permission to own assault rifles), although his parents are from Afghanistan.  Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call to authorities during his attack, which apparently lasted for three ... (Continue reading)

Captain America as Cultural Chameleon

captain america

Alas for Captain America.  I know he is a fictional character, but, even so, he has had a rough time of it of late. First, and the least of his problems, is the second-to-last film, Winter Soldier, about which I was going to write a review, until I heard the other two bits of news.  Someone had the audacity to claim that it is 'perhaps the best superhero movie ever made'.  I will not provide a link to this comment, partly ... (Continue reading)

The Two Divine Ladies

our lady seat of wisdom

Today is the feast of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, the patroness of our college here in Barry's Bay, as well as Our Lady of Combermere, the patroness of Madonna House, situated in the town of Combermere just south of us. Our Lady Seat of Wisdom is the title of Mary as the 'seat of wisdom', the one who offers God's own Wisdom to the world in His incarnate form.  Pope Saint John Paul the Great invokes her at the end ... (Continue reading)

Conservative Prudence?

Conservative platform

I received a rather critical email in response to my last post on the Conservative capitulation, so thought I should clarify my, and hopefully your own, thoughts: As I wrote, there may be nothing wrong with capitulation or compromise.  Sometimes, they are necessary to achieve a greater good, or avoid a greater evil.  When and how to capitulate (to draw up terms) or compromise (reach a mutual agreement) depends by and large on the virtue of prudence, not much discussed in ... (Continue reading)

Conservative Capitulation

conservative capitulation

To capitulate derives from the Latin root capis, capitis, 'head', and literally means to cease to resist an opponent by drawing up terms under 'headings' or 'chapters'.  So any mutual agreement is a kind of capitulation, as many of you who are married may attest.  Hence, the term is connected with that of compromise, where two parties, 'co-promise' to abide by some agreement.  There is nothing intrinsically wrong or distasteful with capitulation or with compromise in their original etymological sense. Yet ... (Continue reading)

Saint Philip and Witnessing for Life

saint philip

Today is the feast of Saint Philip Neri (+1595), the second Apostle of Rome, and the founder of the Oratory, whose houses are now found throughout the world (Bd. John Henry Newman brought the Oratory to England).  As you may know from my brief biography, I lived and studied at the Toronto Oratory, and owe a great debt of gratitude to Saint Philip, and the Fathers and Brothers of his Oratory.  May the joyful spirit of the great Saint of ... (Continue reading)

To Yoga, or Not?

yoga on parliament

Last week, I was walking through Ottawa, and what greeted me on the vast lawn in front of the Parliament buildings was a sight to behold:  Hundreds of raised posteriors in various tight-fitting spandex doing yoga exercises, to the voice of an unseen young woman on a remote microphone.  I was quite literally flabbergasted, and I felt sort of bad even taking the photo (I waited until they adopted a more modest pose):  But to see this sea of adult ... (Continue reading)

Trudeau’s Tantrum

trudeau scuffle

Most readers will have seen the bizarre behaviour of the Prime Minister yesterday evening.  As witnesses and the video record attest, Mr. Trudeau, in an apparent fit of pique at what he perceived to be a deliberate delay on the part of some Conservative members returning to their seats, strode angrily towards MP Gord Brown (Conservative), dropped the f-bomb, grabbed his arm, and 'escorted' him forcefully to his seat, in the midst of which he 'elbowed' female MP Ruth Ellen ... (Continue reading)

Birthday Blessings to JP II, Marriage and the Liberals’ Ludicrous Energy Plan

JP II birthday

*Today would have been the 96th birthday of Pope Saint John Paul II, who died just shy of his 85 birthday.  Very few Popes have reached this venerable age; Pope Leo XIII, the oldest reigning pontiff known to history, reached his 93rd year.  I know not how old John Paul/Karol is in heaven.  Not having his body back yet, we may presume, he is now ageless, but enjoying the beatific vision.  So happy birthday, in your well-deserved 'rest' until, God ... (Continue reading)

The Choice to March for Life

march for life 2016

Today, the feast of Saint Matthias, paradoxically marks the sombre anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada, under Trudeau Sr., in 1969.  Omnibus Bill C-150, officially the Criminal Law Amendment Act , also brought into law gun control, contraception, homosexuality, drunk driving (with the 0.08 level), gambling and cruelty to animals.  I find it curious that as we allowed the murder of the unborn in the womb, we began the process of an increasingly mawkish sentimentality towards animals. Of course, ... (Continue reading)

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