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Birthday Blessings to JP II, Marriage and the Liberals’ Ludicrous Energy Plan

JP II birthday

*Today would have been the 96th birthday of Pope Saint John Paul II, who died just shy of his 85 birthday.  Very few Popes have reached this venerable age; Pope Leo XIII, the oldest reigning pontiff known to history, reached his 93rd year.  I know not how old John Paul/Karol is in heaven.  Not having his body back yet, we may presume, he is now ageless, but enjoying the beatific vision.  So happy birthday, in your well-deserved 'rest' until, God ... (Continue reading)

The Choice to March for Life

march for life 2016

Today, the feast of Saint Matthias, paradoxically marks the sombre anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada, under Trudeau Sr., in 1969.  Omnibus Bill C-150, officially the Criminal Law Amendment Act , also brought into law gun control, contraception, homosexuality, drunk driving (with the 0.08 level), gambling and cruelty to animals.  I find it curious that as we allowed the murder of the unborn in the womb, we began the process of an increasingly mawkish sentimentality towards animals. Of course, ... (Continue reading)

Quebec’s Demographic Demise

Quebec Islam

Quebec is back in the news, this time with a report of its death-spiral of a birth rate.  It seems Quebec women by and large do not want to have children, or at least not more than 1.6, on average, per woman.  This is well, well, below the requisite 2.1 just to maintain a stable population, and that is presuming good times with no major disasters, plagues, famines or other evils. The government has tried bribing women to have children ... (Continue reading)

Of Muslim Mayors, Fire and Brimstone

fires of london

By the time you read this, London (the one in England) will have elected a new mayor.  The residents did not have much of a choice:  A Muslim, raised in Britain, of Pakistani lineage, or a multi-millionaire playboy kicked out of Eton for smoking pot.  Not a surprise, that London would eventually end up with an Islamic mayor, given that in many regions of Britain the most common newborn name is Mohammed (of various spellings).  The choice is symbolic:  The ... (Continue reading)

The Bright Moment of Conception


There are sometimes good things in the news, like this report from the Telegraph that when conception occurs, that is, when the male sperm fertilizes the female ovum, and the 23-chromosomal DNA of both meiotic cells fuse to form a new human with 46 chromosomes, there is a bright flash of light.  (But there is always a downside:  This phenomenon was discovered during in-vitro fertilization treatments, and the scientists claim that the 'brighter the light', the more healthy is ... (Continue reading)

The Brave New Canada of Artificial Reproduction

Brave New World

In 2004, Canada passed the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, which legalizes certain forms of artificial reproduction of human beings, including in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination.  The rub is that, although one may donate sperm and ova, one cannot get paid for doing so, for that would be seen as 'trafficking', even meretricious. The obvious unintended consequence of this, if you will pardon my pun, is to dry up the source. Hence, much of the 'reproductive material' for these procedures in ... (Continue reading)

Caveat Spectator


Modern television (or do we say internet?) programs, particularly on Netflix, and other media, have become radically explicit, both in violence and in sex.  Reading this article, even my somewhat jaded soul was surprised that such things could remotely pass for 'entertainment', to say nothing of actually being shown to a mass, and indiscriminate, audience.  Torture, bloody murder and child sacrifice, rampant adultery, fornication, immodesty galore.  We are now immersed in 'pornography', or, quite literally, the showing of evil ... (Continue reading)

Ant-Man vs. Daredevil

ant man vs dardevil

(As a bit of light-hearted reading before the issuance of the Holy Father’s Apostolic Letter later today, here are some thoughts on two superheroes, such as they are.  Editor). Yes, I must admit, I did watch Ant-Man, in two instalments, for a I had to sort of motivate myself to finish it.  The campy film was better than it might have been, but worse also.  Carried along by the charisma of its male lead, the movie has a child-likeness about it, ... (Continue reading)

Our Unsupportable Medical Utopia


I met an acquaintance of mine recently in one of local stores (of course, government run) that sells liquid cheer, to refresh the weary soul after a long Lent.  He was there to buy a blend of Canadian Rye Whiskey, voted last December by a connoisseur as the 'best whiskey in the world'.  As a born Scotsman, I was skeptical then, and am skeptical now.  A Canadian Rye beating a single malt Scotch?  What has the world come to?  Perhaps ... (Continue reading)

The Beauty of Suffering: Salvifici Doloris

JP II Salvifici

In, 1984, Pope Saint John Paul II penned an Apostolic Letter on the mystery of human suffering, Salvifici Doloris (curiously, now looking back, the same year he made his first apostolic journey to Canada).  One priest in a talk I heard recently mentioned that it may be remembered as one of his most prophetic works, with which I concur.  I long ago included the Letter in my syllabus on Magisterial teaching, and now with the looming shadow of euthanasia about ... (Continue reading)

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