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Trudeau’s Tantrum

trudeau scuffle

Most readers will have seen the bizarre behaviour of the Prime Minister yesterday evening.  As witnesses and the video record attest, Mr. Trudeau, in an apparent fit of pique at what he perceived to be a deliberate delay on the part of some Conservative members returning to their seats, strode angrily towards MP Gord Brown (Conservative), dropped the f-bomb, grabbed his arm, and 'escorted' him forcefully to his seat, in the midst of which he 'elbowed' female MP Ruth Ellen ... (Continue reading)

Our Love Must Make Us Strong: The Music of Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McK

It all started one Christmas as I rummaged through the CD racks at the library, in search of Christmas music different than the usual run-of-the-mill. I had several gigs lined up for the season, and planned on singing “Coventry Carol”, so when I stumbled across a CD called “A Midwinter Night’s Dream” which included it in the track list, I immediately thrust it into my green library bag for check out. I thought little of it at the time, but ... (Continue reading)

Brendan’s Voyage

brendan voyage

Today commemorates Saint Brendan, the sixth century Irish monk, the 'Navigator', whose main claim to fame is a supposed seven year trans-Atlantic voyage in a boat made of animal-hides upon which he and sixteen others embarked, with the discovery of North America many centuries before the time Cabot.  Many considered his journey pious legend, a fantastic mediaeval tale like many others (and it does contain a number of fantastic elements).  That is, until the voyage was re-created, with the same ... (Continue reading)

Fatima, Prayer and Private Revelation

our lady of fatima

Today is the commemoration of Our Lady of Fatima, a title given to the Virgin Mary after she appeared 'brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light' to three shepherd children in the summer of 1917 (no painting ever did Our Lady justice) just outside the village of Fatima, in central Portugal, about 76 miles north of Lisbon. The accounts of the visions, along with the still-as-yet-unexplained miracle of the dancing and twirling Sun, which took place, with one or two ... (Continue reading)

Bound by a Seal: A Movie Review of “I Confess”

i confess

Year: 1953 Filming: Black & White Length: 95 minutes Genre: Drama/Inspirational/Religious/Suspense Maturity: PG (for intense thematic elements) Cast: Montgomery Clift (Fr. Michael Logan), Anne Baxter (Ruth Grandfort), O.E. Hass (Otto Keller), Dolly Haas (Alma Keller), Roger Dann (Pierre Grandfort), Karl Malden (Inspector Larrue), Ovila Legare (Monsieur Villette), Brian Aherne (Willy Robertson) Director: Alfred Hitchcock Personal Rating: 5 Stars   *** “Technically one of Hitchcock’s best”, I Confess is not your run-of-the-mill murder mystery. Instead, it reveals a little-known aspect of The Master of Suspense: his lingering fascination with and devotion to the ... (Continue reading)

Athanasius, the Iota, and the Homoousion


Today is the memorial of one of the most heroic bishops in the history of the Church, the late, great Saint Athanasius (+373), a foundational Eastern Doctor, along with Basil,  Gregory Nazianzen and Ambrose.  He was the hero of Bd. John Henry Cardinal Newman, who wrote erudite and engaging essays on Athanasius and his battle with Arianism, and it was in part the example of Athanasius that brought the great Victorian from his compromise via media Anglicanism to full Roman ... (Continue reading)

An Encounter with Gene Roddenberry: The Traveling Troubadour Meets the Great Bird of the Galaxy

star trek

There were many adventures to be had as a “Traveling Troubadour”. Hailing from Fort Lee, New Jersey (known as “The Silent Motion Picture Capital of the World” in the early 1900’s), my ukulele-playing sidekick and I were a song-and-comedy team appropriately called “The Hometown Boys”, specializing in wholesome entertainment of yesteryear as a Vaudevillian duo (Vaudeville meaning “Song of the Town”). It was occasionally speculated that we had been locked in a trunk of moth balls during the silent movie hey-days ... (Continue reading)

The Great Saint Catherine of Siena: A Woman for our Time

catherine of siena

Saint Catherine of Siena (1334-1380) was a feisty, indomitable woman.  One might, in a Catholic way, claim her as an early 'feminist', in the true JP II sense of that term, recognizing the genius, and the power, of woman, and her role in the Church. Catherine was born the 23rd child of an Italian family that would eventually number 25 children.  In the unbelievable bustle of such a household, perhaps because of it, Catherine recognized her call to give all to ... (Continue reading)

Conscience, Law and Amoris Laetitia

amoris laetitia

Another Canadian Senator, the Liberal Colin Kenney, has been caught using public money, and his servants', sorry, his staff's, time to do personal business for the esteemed member of the Upper House of 'sober second thought'.  These included renovations on his private residence and disinfecting the beds in his privately-owned tanning-salon business.  Shades of Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and all the rest of the entitled class.  Thirteen other Senators were also investigated for dubious, if not outright immoral, use ... (Continue reading)

Cultural Dis-Assimilation

culture wars

It was reported amongst the Indo-Canadian community, and that is the far-away India, not the Native Canadians whose ranks were just increased by the Supreme  Court decision to grant 'status' to 600,000 Metis (those of mixed-Native ancestry).  More on this later, and what level of new financial boondoggle it might entail.  No, amongst those of the other-Indian extraction, it turns out that they like baby boys a lot more than baby girls, enough to have the latter exterminated in the ... (Continue reading)

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