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Nota in Brevis, December 9th

*Buried in the headlines is the notice that at least 30 Afghanis are dead, killed in an attack by the Taliban at Kandahar airport.  God rest their souls, and so goes life if you are unfortunate enough to live in a fundamentalist Islamic backwater almost devoid of the rule of law, except so-called Sharia 'law'. I am still puzzled over our, and America's, mission there, or was that a 'war'?  What exactly did we accomplish with our sacrifice of men, ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis, December 4th

*Today is the memorial of Saint John Damascene, who lived in what is in now Syria and died on this day in 749, in a land that even back then, in the early days of Muslim expansion, lived under Islamic domination.  A polymath, gifted in many subjects, he was a great foe of the then-rampant iconoclast heresy, claiming that any sacred images (indeed, images in general) were evil and idolatrous.  So we can ask his intercession for Syria.  It is ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis November 30th

Nota in Brevis November 30th

Today is the feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle, brother of Saint Peter, patron of Scotland, Russia, Ukraine and Greece, for what reason are somewhat historically obscure.  Here is the Wikipedia take on the matter, whether accurate or not: According to legend, in 832 AD, Óengus II led an army of Picts and Scots into battle against the Angles, led by Æthelstan, near modern-day AthelstanefordEast Lothian. The legend states that he was heavily outnumbered ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis November 25

Nota in Brevis November 25

I am not surprised: Peter Jackson now admits that he made up the Hobbit trilogy more or less as it went along.  From the very start, I was suspicious of taking a relatively small children's book (we would say 'young adult' nowadays, I suppose), and making a full three two-plus hour movies out if such slender fare.  As Jackson puts it: You’re going on to a set and you’re winging it, you’ve ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis, November 20th

Masked, armed Muslims stormed the Radisson hotel in Bamako, Mali, taking 170 hostages.  As I write, there is an operation underway to free them, but I suppose we should get used to this, and not just in Islamic countries like Mali.  The tentacles of the ideology of ISIS, a virulent form of Islam, which bears many similarities to the early days of the 'religion of peace', spread pretty much all over the world, even in our own 'peace-keeping' Canada.  It ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis, November 18th

There is a new craze, of all things, for adult colouring books.  I know much has been written on the infantilization of our culture, the Boomers regressing to their earlier years, trying to find their lost youth, and the Millenials striving mightily to hold on to a youth quickly slipping away.  But colouring books?  Whatever happened to sketching, drawing, painting, creativity in general?  G.K. Chesterton would doodle (quite well, as it turns out) as he wrote (difficult on a laptop, ... (Continue reading)

Music & Beauty

The Tallis Choir is holding a choral concert, Charpentier's Midnight Mass for New France, on the evening of November 28th at the beautiful Saint Patrick's church (141 McCaul St. in Toronto, north of Dundas, near St. Patrick Station).  I will be posting an article on the power of beauty, and few things are as beautiful as beautiful music which, as Plato observed, moves the soul like no other media. (Continue reading)

Trudeau & Abortion

Justin Trudeau has been elected as Canada's 23rd Prime Minister, the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada's 15th.   I never thought I would see the day, after living through his father's disastrous ministership when I was a child. Trudeau Sr. legalized abortion and free-for-all divorce (amongst other things leading to our current moral-legal collapse).  See the piece on LifeSite describing how Trudeau Jr. is following even more zealously in his father's footsteps. (Continue reading)

Trudeau & Migrants

Trudeau and his Liberal majority government is following through on its plan to move 25,000 Syrian refugees (migrants?) to Canada.  Questions abound, not just logistically, and the cost of this endeavour (on the CBC today, I heard they were actually thinking of using cruise ships to ferry them over...that, or a fleet of jumbo jets), but also on the wisdom of integrating such a number of immigrants who may not share Justin's famous 'Canadian values'. (Continue reading)

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