Nota in Brevis

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Music & Beauty

The Tallis Choir is holding a choral concert, Charpentier's Midnight Mass for New France, on the evening of November 28th at the beautiful Saint Patrick's church (141 McCaul St. in Toronto, north of Dundas, near St. Patrick Station).  I will be posting an article on the power of beauty, and few things are as beautiful as beautiful music which, as Plato observed, moves the soul like no other media. (Continue reading)

Trudeau & Abortion

Justin Trudeau has been elected as Canada's 23rd Prime Minister, the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada's 15th.   I never thought I would see the day, after living through his father's disastrous ministership when I was a child. Trudeau Sr. legalized abortion and free-for-all divorce (amongst other things leading to our current moral-legal collapse).  See the piece on LifeSite describing how Trudeau Jr. is following even more zealously in his father's footsteps. (Continue reading)

Trudeau & Migrants

Trudeau and his Liberal majority government is following through on its plan to move 25,000 Syrian refugees (migrants?) to Canada.  Questions abound, not just logistically, and the cost of this endeavour (on the CBC today, I heard they were actually thinking of using cruise ships to ferry them over...that, or a fleet of jumbo jets), but also on the wisdom of integrating such a number of immigrants who may not share Justin's famous 'Canadian values'. (Continue reading)

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