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Praying for strangers a world away


My fiancé can sit for hours reading the news. First he cycles through his favourite Spanish papers, and then he ventures into the English ones. His interest in “the news” verges almost on obsession, and he doesn’t understand my aversion to most news sources. If I do read a paper, I will turn immediately to the entertainment and fashion section and pretend that the rest of it doesn’t exist, maybe taking a gander through the comics if there are any. It’s ... (Continue reading)

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Advent: waiting like Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph

I have just finished my annual routine of climbing into the attic and hauling out the box that stores our much-used Advent wreath. Candles? Check. Prayers? Check. Matches? We'll need to get more of those. Like most families, the season of Advent falls right in the middle of a very busy time. School, work, extracurricular activities, and many other commitments mean that our home is a constant whirr of activity—add to that the demands of the Advent season and the coming ... (Continue reading)

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Can a woman be confident AND vulnerable?


The other day, one of our students sent me an article. While I nearly poked my eyes out over the vulgarity of the writing, the article itself contained some valuable insights. The article is entitled “The Case Against Female Self Esteem” (due to the excessive crudeness of the article and comments I am not going to post a link—but I'll give you the rundown). In a nutshell, the author lists reasons why strong and confident women are repellant and unattractive. Women should be ... (Continue reading)

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Our imperfect family rosary

When I was growing up, my immature self believed that the family rosary was something that had to be endured. Through no fault of my parents, the nightly ritual was anything but idyllic. My siblings and I were called into our parents' bedroom where we knelt facing the crucifix. My older brother and I would sneak jabs and pokes at each other and then my mother would scold and separate us. I would often rush through the responses hoping that ... (Continue reading)

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The rosaries of our lives

Sometime before Christmas I made the upsetting discovery that I had lost one of my favourite rosaries. People lose rosaries all the time, I know, but this particular one was very special to me. This was the rosary that accompanied me to work each day, sized perfectly so that I could finger the beads while driving. Its small, oval, burgundy beads were on a strong silver chain. The attached St. Benedict medallion and detailed crucifix, both made ... (Continue reading)

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