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Most of my family is only at our “home” during the Christmas holidays. Because our time there is short, generally spanning between American Thanksgiving and New Years, my dad likes to plan enormous projects that cannot possibly be completed in the time allowed. The result is like something out of Star Trek, when Captain Kirk is yelling at Scotty to fix the engines in the next thirty seconds while Scotty insists that it will take at least six ... (Continue reading)

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A Lenten antidote


Before Lent the requisite lists of Things To Give Up made the rounds on my favourite blogs. I always read those lists, if only to spark my own imagination into coming up with something unique—some unusual and challenging to punish myself with for the next six weeks. Why don’t I give up driving for Lent? Or beat myself with cords? Or go on a juice fast? Or pray for three hours every day? What is Lent but the opportunity for ... (Continue reading)

Redeeming Grief

I think that the worst part of being upset about something is the side effects that come from crying. Just a few tears and suddenly you have a runny nose and a headache and then not only do you feel miserable emotionally, but you are wiped out physically as well. It almost feels like an allergy to grief, which kind of makes sense. Earlier this week, I took my dog to the vet and got pretty much the worst news anyone ... (Continue reading)

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Sacrificing for the victory

Yesterday was the sort of day where curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a feather blanket seems like the only logical thing to do. A very nasty wet snow was falling, the temperature was just cold enough to be uncomfortable, and the sky was just gray enough to be really miserable. Since my three brothers and I were all staying inside most of the day anyway, we decided to have a rematch tournament in ... (Continue reading)

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Giving up Lent

I remember Lent as a kid. It was basically the longest stretch of time EVER, next to Advent of course. Unlike Advent, Lent was chock full of not eating what I wanted, not drinking what I wanted, not watching TV and not doing most things I enjoyed. Whatever I liked, Lent took away from me. It was the have-not stint of any given year. Even as a small child I remember clapping my hands over my mouth after consuming the ... (Continue reading)

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My Sister’s Keeper: A Pro-Life Book Review

It all begins with a bruise: a little clover-shaped bruise. While bathing her two-year-old daughter, Sarah finds a trail of little brown bruises running down Kate’s spine. Sarah and her husband Brian follow the trail to an oncologist, and from then on, Kate’s childhood becomes a whirlwind of specialist appointments, emergency surgeries, and nauseating chemo-therapy sessions. Her parents face a mountain of medical bills, pools of blood, and a devastating diagnosis. How far are they willing to go to save ... (Continue reading)

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The perfect relationship

Anybody heard of Pinterest? If you haven’t, count your lucky stars because you’ve just "gained" back hours and hours of time to waste on something else. Pinterest is a virtual "ideas" cork-board—a place where anyone and everyone can put up a picture, post an idea or website, or browse and gather ideas for things like wedding stationary, recipes, Halloween costumes, or nailpolish tips and tricks. Occasionally I will come across some fascinating cultural tells, and this morning was one of ... (Continue reading)

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The Poor Souls

"It ain't right, and I'm sick and tired of what ain't right," says a character in the western Silverado. That's how I feel about the treatment the poor souls in Purgatory have been given over the last few decades. "Well, his sufferings are over," people say at the funeral home (I'm talking about Catholic believers). "Your grandmother is in heaven," proclaim priests and deacons at all too many funerals. I have been asked, "Do we still believe in Purgatory?" That Purgatory exists, ... (Continue reading)

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