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Words can hurt, but abortions do kill

Michael Coren

If you know anything about Ann Coulter you will know that she adores controversy and likes nothing more than to annoy her critics—and that’s exactly what occurred earlier this year. After the final Presidential debate in October she tweeted, “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” It was pretty silly and largely pointless, but it pales in comparison to the abuse and filth thrown at conservatives and Christians by leftists and atheists on a ... (Continue reading)

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Truth and contradiction

Yesterday, my sister (who is no longer pregnant), my new nephew, my niece, my brother-in-law, and I went grocery shopping. This was my sister's first post-baby shopping trip and, understandably, she got a bit tired about three quarters of the way through. She decided to go sit down and leave my brother-in-law and me in charge of finishing the shopping and looking after the kids. Just a few minutes after my sister left us, the ... (Continue reading)

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Last night a well known—and well loved—celebrity retweeted the comment, "The two rape guys lost." I can accept that people have different political views. Even when the answer seems so obvious: I can accept that people do not see it. What I can't accept is the kind of ignorance and offensiveness that lets you say, "The two rape guys lost." This is where the discussion is? Calling republicans ... (Continue reading)

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