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St. Gianna: The modern woman’s saint

St. Gianna Beretta Molla a Woman's Life

It is said that God gives us the saints we need for our time. Saints who, by their lives rooted in self-surrendering, self-sacrificing love, show us how to conquer the darkness of the world in which we live and rise to their ranks. In our time, when so many women continue to reject authentic femininity as ordained by God, He has given us St. Gianna Beretta Molla. 16 May 2015 marks the eleventh anniversary of St. Gianna's canonization by Pope St. John ... (Continue reading)

We are dynamic women of Faith.


In 1972, singer Helen Reddy exploded onto the pop charts with a song that became the anthem for the young women of my generation and our older sisters. I Am Woman Hear Me Roar proclaimed our liberation and told the world that we were a liberated force whose time had come. I was twelve years old, on the brink of becoming a teenager and starting to envision my place in the universe. Along with other young girls and women of the time, ... (Continue reading)

Goodness from around the web..

Highlight of the week: All Hipsters Eventually Become Catholic by Edmund Mitchell "The new hipster loves going to daily Mass at his parish, where the pews are filled with no one under the age of 50. He did it before it was cool." Of note: "Aaron" (video) A wonderful pro-life short film. Alice von Hildebrand honoured by Pope Francis by John Burger Cardinal Burke invests her as a Dame Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the ... (Continue reading)

Am I dumb because I have eight kids?

The Guardian UK recently published the article "Should we care that smart women aren't having kids?" The piece was based on the work of Satoshi Kanazawa, a London School of Economics psychologist who conducted research on the link between intelligence and maternal urges and wrote the book The Intelligence Paradox based on his findings. He concluded that the higher a woman's IQ, the less likely she is to have babies. According to Kanazawa's research, maternal urges decrease 25% for every 15 IQ points ... (Continue reading)

A Mother’s Prayer

I stood by helplessly and watched as a text message received by one of my older children instantly transformed a situation of promise into a state of uncertainty. My child was visibly disappointed and frustrated. All I could do was give a reassuring hug and offer some words of consolation. Throughout my work day, I prayed for my child, my heart heavy at seeing my child's sadness. Before they are born, we pray for our children. Our prayers are full of ... (Continue reading)

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Mary and Spiritual Motherhood

January 1 was the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, a sort of liturgical Mother’s Day, as we highlighted one of Mary’s many titles: Mother. It’s seems quite appropriate to celebrate Mary’s motherhood as eight days ago we commemorated Christ’s birth, his entrance into the world of men; Mary, the virgin from Nazareth, who bore the Son of God into the world of men must now parent this child to the best of her abilities. She who might never have ... (Continue reading)

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