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For Better or Worse

My brother got married this past weekend, and in his speech my dad recounted the story of when Tom and his best friend, having time to kill on a Friday night, ended up soaking golf balls in gasoline, lighting them on fire, and whacking them across a field with a golf club. In the process, Tom somehow ended up lighting himself on fire as well. Fortunately, since they weren’t total idiots, the boys had embarked on their project in the middle ... (Continue reading)

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Felix Culpa

At the bank a few years back, my friendly teller and I were chatting in the way that sometimes happens when you are about the same age as the person helping you, and one of you goes, “Oh my gosh, I love your eyelashes!” And the other one goes, “Oh WOW, that is so sweet. Your necklace is adorable.” Then, “I am so serious, though. What mascara do you use? It’s, like, magical....” I could continue—because this is fascinating, I know—but I have more important ... (Continue reading)

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