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The Making of a Saint

“You dream of great deeds. Everyone, these days, reads about Charles de Foucauld. Many have a starry-eyed look. They wonder if they shouldn’t become a Little Sister or Brother of de Foucauld. But, when I listen to their conversations, I want to cry. Not one of them stops to think what a heroic life he really led. He lived in a little hut in the blistering desert, with its cold and searing nights, amongst strange, primitive human beings. ... (Continue reading)

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The god of the human body

A while back I worked with a gent whose health took an unexpected turn for the worse. Conventional and unconventional doctors were unable to diagnose him and he could not shake whatever it was. For several years he struggled, slowly becoming a shadow of his former self, his illness rendering him incapable of enjoying the things he used to enjoy and even to continue on working. Not surprisingly, he was devastated with his deteriorating condition, which was painfully apparent from every conversation ... (Continue reading)

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