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Our January artist, Justin Jensen, studied illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After graduation, he traveled through Europe and decided there was an amazing potential for beauty in art. He decided to continue studying painting at Colorado State University. He currently teaches online at RMCAD and is collaborating with a friend on illustrating a children’s book about the Eucharist. What is this piece about? This is a depiction of Zachariah—the father of St. John the ... (Continue reading)

Lessons from Picasso

I love art—particularly paintings. I love the way that paintings have their own language, where so much can be conveyed in a single image. Generally, I prefer classical works. I’m not big on modern works, and up until a few years ago, there were absolutely no modern artists in my favorites list. Then one day, quite by accident, I fell in love with Picasso. It was all because of a single work, painted in 1896 when Picasso was a mere fourteen ... (Continue reading)

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The Adventure of Letting Go

Five years ago, in the middle of a pretty rough semester at university, during which I had struggled with some health issues and some friend issues and a massive pile of schoolwork, I sat in the adoration chapel feeling utterly depleted. I was exhausted and overwhelmed and lost. Over the next few weeks everything continued to spiral downwards, and in a natural reaction I held on tighter to what I could control. My schedule became even more rigid and my personal ... (Continue reading)

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Moving Days

As my family travels, we meet quite a few people who ask us things like, “Where is your favorite place to go?” (I have no answer to this) or “What’s your favorite part of traveling?” For this question, it’s easier to just give some simple generic answer about how much fun it is to travel and then move on. Wednesday was a moving day, our first after an extraordinarily long stationary period of about six weeks. Early that morning (though not ... (Continue reading)

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St. Brigid

February 2013 cover

Our February artist, Anna Pierlot, is a student at Campion University in Australia. Her free time is consumed by art, writing, and a philosophy club that she began with her friends. Below are selections from an interview; read more at What is this piece about? This piece depicts St. Brigid, patron of Ireland (along with St. Patrick). She is often shown holding a reed cross, a crozier of the sort used by abbots, along with some source of fire or light. Fire ... (Continue reading)

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Ideas incarnate

A few weeks ago I began the gargantuan task of liberating my family’s books. They were jailed several years ago when we began traveling full time. Books have to be looked after and, with the house empty ten months out of the year, they just wouldn’t be safe on their own. So we tearfully locked them up in boxes, selecting only two hundred or so of them to come exploring with us. This year, we expect more frequent visits to the ... (Continue reading)

Fall trees

November 2012 cover

Our November 2012 cover artist, Anne-Marie Doyle, lives in Toronto, selling pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice coffee and finishing her last semester of English Literature studies. She is slowly working toward fluency in the language of charcoal and oils, and hopes to spend a few years training with master painters (if she can sell enough pumpkin pie to pay for it). In the meantime, Christ is teaching her about Himself so that she has something worth speaking about in the ... (Continue reading)

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The purpose of beauty

Like many people, I have a love affair with old churches. I lived in Rome a few years ago, and I am surprised I was at all coherent during that period. The wealth of churches—small ones down little cobblestoned side streets, gloriously gaudy ones at the end of large piazzas, and sparse haunting ones with so much history you could almost feel the weight of it—were quite literally everywhere I turned, and left me either speechless or in desperate need ... (Continue reading)

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