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France’s Malaise

France's Malaise

Thus endeth another Easter Octave, the week of Sundays that the Church offers us to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, with another 40 days of slightly more subdued celebrations ('Easter weekdays') to follow.  That whole 'rising from the dead' really did change the whole world, and our view of it, which is why writing about the 'news', even  must always be put into perspective.  All things are passing, God never changeth, wrote the great Theresa of Avila.  So set your ... (Continue reading)

A Reflection on Populism and Popularity


As we journeyed through the darkness of Holy Week to the great solemnity of Easter, with the acclamations given to Christ before his humiliating and ignominious death, I was pondering the Holy Father’s recent condemnation of “populism” as “evil.” Certainly, he could not have meant that popularity itself was evil. Christ was popular, for a time, before the crowds turned on him. Pope Saint John Paul II was also popular, and amongst his many and varied accomplishments, also has the ... (Continue reading)

The Greatest Sermon of Saint Fidelis


Today is the feast of Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen, whose original name was Mark Rey:  His names comes from his birthplace, with the Fidelis his name in religion, after he joined the Capuchins in the first decade of the 1600's, as Shakespeare was writing his sonnets and plays in England just after the Elizabethan era, and the so-called 'Reformation' at its height. Mark's first job was as a lawyer, in which task he was known for honesty, and his work for ... (Continue reading)

Une Autre Terrorisme Attaque

france terror

(There are another terrorist attack in France yesterday, in Paris, near the Champs D'Elysees, a police officer targeted and killed with the usual suspect, ISIS, claiming responsibility.  To be more particular, it was a lone gunman, who had already been arrested, spending 15 years in jail for the attempted murder of two other police officers in 2001.  I suppose France will never learn, or at least learn the hard way. You see, ISIS and Islamic terrorism in general, need not ... (Continue reading)

Britain Goin’ It Alone


Prime Minister Therea May in Britain has just called an early election, hoping for a mandate to lead Britain out of the European Union. Pundits, to say nothing of British citizens, are widely divided on the effects of departure, on Britain, Europe and the world. Financial disaster, riots in the street, or improved stability and increased national fervour. When questions like this arise, it is wise to go first to the essence, the nub, of the question: What is the proper ... (Continue reading)

Easter, Popularity and Populism

thomas resurrection

I hope that all our readers are enjoying their 'week of Sundays' during this Easter Octave, every day a solemnity, to be celebrated with great joy.  We reflect liturgically in the weeks to follow the founding of the Church, the earliest days of Apostolic ministry, the miraculous spread of the faith within Israel and beyond, into the land of the 'Gentiles', eventually to Rome, where Saint Peter ended up, as Vicar of Christ.  To this day, the Bishop of Rome ... (Continue reading)

A very joyous and blessed Easter to all of your readers.  For the next fifty days, we rejoice in the Lord's resurrection from the dead, giving victory over that seemingly futile end of Man, and hope to all, in a sort of mirror-image to the mortifying nature of Lent. So, manducemus et bibamus, enim Christus resurrexit hodie! Alleluia! (Continue reading)

A Tough Habit to Break

religious habit

  Religious life is habit-forming. Though this is a play on words, the sentiment is accurate. In the culture of Roman Catholicism, mere mention of the religious (sisters and nuns, monks, priests of an order, secular professed) conjures up images of black veils, belt-dangling rosaries, brown robes, knotted-rope belts, hoods, and a variety of other distinctive articles of clothing that stand out in everyday situations. These looks – combinations of tunics, cinctures, etc. – are unique to each religious order, and ... (Continue reading)

An Ancient Homily on Holy Saturday

descent into hell

I have always found the following homily, recited on this Holy Saturday in the Office of Readings, rather powerful and moving, earthy, pun intended, and real.  Adam as an actual living being, waiting in what Tradition has termed the Limbo of the Fathers, until Christ would rise and lead him, along with the rest of the souls justified in grace, pure in conscience, to heaven.  We have a very incarnational Church, and we should rejoice in that.  For we all, ... (Continue reading)

Pope Saint John Paul’s 11th Station


THE ELEVENTH STATION Jesus is nailed to the Cross. V. Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi. R. Quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum. From the Gospel according to Mark. 15:25-27 And it was the third hour, when they crucified him. And the inscription of the charge against him read: "The King of the Jews." And with him they crucified two robbers one on his right and one on his left. MEDITATION "They have pierced ... (Continue reading)

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