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The art of building

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Anyone who, like me, was moved by this perception at the time of the Liturgical Movement on the eve of the Second Vatican Council can only stand, deeply sorrowing, before the very ruins of the very things they were concerned for. - Cardinal Ratzinger Tough words, these. Recently, some friends of ours were on pilgrimage in Bavaria, the heartland of Catholic Germany and homeland of Ratzinger and his seminary. The pictures they brought home tell all. One is of the ... (Continue reading)

Humanae Vitae and NFP: my testimony


In a recent interview with an Italian newspaper, Pope Francis was reported to express praise for Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI's encyclical on the regulation of birth in keeping with natural and Divine law. Pope Francis reportedly said that Pope Paul VI was "prophetic" and and that "had the courage to place himself against the majority, defending the moral discipline, exercising a culture brake, opposing present and future neo-Malthusianism." He indicated that the time had come to delve deeper into the encyclical and develop ... (Continue reading)

On seeing Christ


From the beginning Our Blessed Lord has been found only by two classes; those who know and those who do not know— but never by those who think they know. - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen When Thomas was shown the wounds of Christ, he believed. He is popularly called Doubting Thomas because he refused to accept the first pope’s word that Christ had risen. Doubting what he was told, he insisted on being “shown the holes in his hands where the ... (Continue reading)

The Gates of Hell

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Katerina Walker was born in Calgary, Alberta and is the oldest of four children. She attended a French school until grade four, when she began homeschooling. Homeschooling fostered her passion for art, literature, and history, and she continued studying liberal arts at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, where she graduated with a concentration in History. She currently lives in Calgary with her husband Nathan and her dog, and is working for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. What is ... (Continue reading)

Join the fight: Brendan Eich vs. Mozilla

Mozilla - Brendan Eich

  Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was recently forced out of his position for donating $1,000 to Prop 8 and refusing to apologize for his personal beliefs. Eich helped build Mozilla and contributed developments such as Netscape and JavaScript. Now employees of Mozilla have threatened to quit, customers have stopped using the Firefox browser, and the dating website OkCupid has urged their customers to use a different browser, even setting up a detection device that determines a visitor's browser and sends a warning to anyone ... (Continue reading)

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A gathering of dynamic women of faith


  There are days that stick out in your mind as being some of the best, most soul-inspiring, validating, joyful days you have ever witnessed. On the Saturday before Palm Sunday, I was given God's generous gift of one such day when I attended the Dynamic Women of Faith Conference in Toronto. The conference (which celebrated its fifth year) is the labour of love of founder, author, broadcaster, columnist, entrepreneur, mom, and wife—Dorothy Pilarski. I was invited to give a talk on ... (Continue reading)

Good Friday reflections


Lent is a time to renew our baptismal calling to fast from the world and to draw closer to Christ. It is a time to put aside the fool's gold of this world and embrace the true gold of Heaven, that we may be eternally enriched. The fact is that many of us are running headlong into sin, seeking the wealth and plaudits of the world, and forgetting that anything we can gain in this life—wealth, ... (Continue reading)

Efficiency and computers

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I neither like nor dislike computers. I suppose I think computers are rather ugly things, useful for doing boring or repetitious tasks quickly, but that is all. I have similar views about washing machines, electric clocks, and lawnmowers: all useful but unlovely tools. Some tools are a joy to use, like a twenty-ounce claw hammer with an octagon hickory handle, a well sharpened knife or chisel, or a jack plane. But a computer is, after all, just another ... (Continue reading)

Have mercy on me, O God


We have made it! Almost forty days have gone by since Ash Wednesday and while we are not there yet, we are on the home stretch coming into the Triduum. There is not much that can be said—in fact this time is usually filled with silence and a deep sense of foreboding and loss. What is there to say? It has all been said already. So I will leave it to King David in one of ... (Continue reading)

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What to expect when no one’s expecting


What to expect when no one’s expecting: America’s coming demographic disaster by Jonathan V. Last Encounter Books, 2013 ISBN: 978-1-59403-641-5 In 1796 Thomas Malthus published An Essay on the Principle of Population in which he maintained that the population of the world increases geometrically with time while food supplies increase only arithmetically. Hence at some time in the future food supplies would be insufficient to sustain the world’s population, causing widespread famine. More recently, Paul Ehrlich’s book ... (Continue reading)

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