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When virginity is no good

“Twenty may sound early to get married, but tell that to the girl who had her knees locked since puberty and the boy who spent years trying to convince her that just the tip didn’t count.” The above line is from an article by freelance writer Jessica Ciencen Henriquez called "My Virginity Mistake." Before I go any further, read it. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Jessica’s thesis is that her choice to remain a virgin was a colossal mistake; that if she had ... (Continue reading)

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Society and sexual addictions

I distinctly remember in the Rome train station searching the huge departure board to find the platform our train was leaving from in T minus 12 seconds. While I was not able to find our train, my eyes were caught by the gigantic lingerie ad that was directly next to the departure information. Drop dead gorgeous male and female models showcasing skin and g-strings. Exactly what I want to see when I’m looking for my train schedule. As my grandmother ... (Continue reading)

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When platitudes fail


The one thing the moderns will not trust a man to do is to conduct his own life. - G. K. Chesterton, Abolishing the Ordinary I have two books by Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts. The books are called Scouting for Boys and Rovering to Success. In these, Baden Powell gives advice to young men about the problems they will face in the world and how to achieve success. They are good books filled with little catch phrases ... (Continue reading)

Chalice: Christ-centered child sponsorship

For Christians who wish to live the commandment of loving our neighbours by making a commitment to perform corporal works of mercy, charitable gift giving and child sponsorship is very appealing. Many sponsorship programs help entire communities. Most importantly, sponsorship provides children with proper nutrition, medical care, and an education that helps them improve their future outcomes. There are many sponsorship programs asking for our donations. For the sake of our hard-earned dollar as well as for the sake of the ... (Continue reading)

Share with the poor

Our human family is presently experiencing something of a turning point in its own history, if we consider the advances made in various areas. We can only praise the positive achievements which contribute to the authentic welfare of mankind, in fields such as those of health, education, and communications. At the same time, we must also acknowledge that the majority of the men and women of our time continue to live daily in situations of insecurity, with dire consequences. Certain ... (Continue reading)



Our July/August 2013 cover artist is Jonathan Castellino, a hobby urban archaeologist and photographer based in the city of Toronto. His photographs document the intersection of built environment and cultural landscape as it speaks to the social imagination. While focusing primarily on contemporary urban ruins, his work also tends to take a broader perspective, examining the place and meaning of these spaces in urban life. What is this piece about? This photograph is part of a series entitled “empty.vessels.” The circumstance of the ... (Continue reading)

The Extraordinary Ordinary

Last Saturday was the feast of the Triumph of the Cross and for me, this one has always been a conundrum of a feast day.  How can The Cross - and everything that represents defeat, death and finality - be triumphant?  How can it be a win if there were no points scored?  Because the last time I checked, death is about as un-victorious as you can get. If you’re reading this in hopes of finding some definitive answers, I’m sorry ... (Continue reading)

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Canadian errant

David Warren, former editor of the Idler and columnist for the Ottawa Citizen, now writes an “anti-blog” entitled Essays in Idleness at He was born in Toronto in the old Dominion of Canada in 1953. "Canada Day” has again come upon us: as a redundant summer holiday for the young, and as a reminder to many who have achieved their half-century that their country is under foreign occupation. What could I possibly mean by that? For there are no soldiers in our streets ... (Continue reading)

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Nazi and Nazarene

FROM: RONALD KNOX, “NAZI AND NAZARENE” MacMillan War Pamphlets No. 5 London: MacMillan and Co. Ltd., 1940 We have to remember, besides, that the wedge method always makes compliance with the Government demands something less than a sacrifice of absolute principle; religion was taught, and is still taught, in the State schools where the parents demand it. It need hardly be said that an argument for compliance which was based on the existence of “facilities” in the State school was ill-founded. The wedge system ... (Continue reading)

Beautiful: a ten-year old’s impression of Mass ad orientum

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, my ten-year-old daughter went to church with me. The priest at the church regularly celebrates Mass ad orientem, whether he is offering the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin or English. Afterwards, I asked my daughter what she thought of the Mass. Her short but certain answer was "beautiful." In Spirit of the Liturgy, Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, writes about the ad orientem Mass this way: "Praying towards the East is a tradition that goes ... (Continue reading)

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