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The quiet scares me ‘cause it screams the truth. - P!nk, "Sober" It was late at night, and the rest of my family was asleep. For some reason, I found myself kneeling in the middle of my living room before two dimly lit statues of Jesus and Mary. I don’t remember why I was there or what I was praying. Something within me wanted to kneel there all night; but my head was heavy and my knees were numb (“the spirit ... (Continue reading)

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Grown Up Friends

When I was younger, my friends would talk about what it would be like to be a “grown up.” They all seemed to be looking forward to this stage of life with bated breath. Driving! Freedom! Money! No one telling you what to do! For the most part, I dreaded that far off time. It just seemed to be a complicated minefield. Voting. University. Finding a job. Getting married. Taxes. Death. I wanted to remain in the realm of dress up clothes ... (Continue reading)

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Dominion Day

Dominion Day poster

July 1, 1867: the day when three British colonies became four provinces of the new Dominion of Canada. Canada’s Confederation Day or, as it used to be known, Dominion Day. For my family, July 1st was the day of the "big party." My parents first instituted their Dominion Day Party the year they moved to The Farm. Four days after moving all eight of us kids and all our stuff into the new house, we hosted a party for about 50 of ... (Continue reading)

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Chiara Lubich

“The Focolare Movement is an international movement inspired by the Gospel that works for unity in all spheres of life. For over sixty years it has drawn together people from all Christian traditions, many of the world’s religions, and those with no formal faith who share the aim of building a more united world." Chiara Lubich founded the Focolare Movement, which was approved by Pope John XXIII in 1962 as “The Work of Mary.” Today it is present in 194 countries, ... (Continue reading)

The Rope Swing

Rope swing

Nobody knew where the rope came from. One Sunday morning after Mass in early spring, we found a thick rope hanging from an old elm tree in the front lawn of the church. Soon all the children were taking turns swinging from it. One of the dads, the father of a four-year-old, tied knots in the rope so that the little ones could get a better grip for the game—trying to swing out the farthest. The kids swinging on the front ... (Continue reading)

The Rule of Law


“Why does each small thing in the world have to fight against the world itself? ... So that each thing that obeys law may have the glory and isolation of the anarchist.” - G. K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday Twenty-five years ago I attended teachers’ college after finishing an undergraduate degree. One of our courses was Teaching High School Science, in which we learned how to explain the DNA molecule, competition and survival of the fittest, carrying capacity, the usual biological stuff. ... (Continue reading)

Ukrainian Eggs

April back cover

In April, our artist section featured Sharon-Rose Milan, an artist and pro-life activist. What can you tell us about pysanky eggs? Every pysanky egg is supposed to tell a story; every colour and symbol represents something different. Black means eternity; red means happiness, life, hope, and spirit-awakening; green means strength and endurance; white means purity and innocence. Using four or more colors signifies family happiness, peace, and love. Pysanky eggs use colours and symbols to tell a story. So the color black ... (Continue reading)

Altar Boys

Altar Boys

I found an old picture of my father in an attic drawer. It was taken on the occasion of the St. Peter’s Altar Boy picnic on the steps of the Cathedral.  There are about thirty altar boys in the picture with Fr. Morocco. I was pleased to find this picture, and it brought to my mind many of my own experiences as an altar boy in the late 60s, also at St Peter’s. As in my father’s time, there were ... (Continue reading)

Why I chose ‘Francis’

As you know, there are various reasons why I chose the name of Francis of Assisi, a familiar figure far beyond the borders of Italy and Europe, even among those who do not profess the Catholic faith. One of the first reasons was Francis’ love for the poor. How many poor people there still are in the world! And what great suffering they have to endure! After the example of Francis of Assisi, the Church in every corner of the ... (Continue reading)

Habemus Papam

Dear Brother Cardinals, The period of the conclave has been a momentous time not only for the College of Cardinals, but also for all the faithful. In these days we have felt almost tangibly the affection and the solidarity of the universal Church, as well as the concern of so many people who, even if they do not share our faith, look to the Church and the Holy See with respect and admiration. From every corner of the earth fervent prayers have been ... (Continue reading)

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