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Life, death, and lousy campgrounds

In the time that my family has been on the road, our journey has been predominantly dictated by where we my parents have to work, and since they work on railroad tracks, we usually end up in railroad towns. These are mostly small towns, but sometimes we end up in places that are actually still called villages—it says so on their garbage bins. One of the trickiest aspects of traveling through rural areas is finding a place to stay. In the ... (Continue reading)

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The Soul of the Internet

One of my blogging heroines often says the only thing that qualifies her to blog is that she is a housewife with a computer—meaning, she’s not qualified to say much so don’t take her words as gospel truth. Well, I can relate. I’m not an expert on anything (except maybe Scrabble; I’m good at that). I’m just a gal with a computer and a drive to form words into meaningful ideas. I started blogging because it’s one of the easiest ... (Continue reading)

A child’s song of praise

If it's Tuesday evening, then my ten-year-old daughter has choir practice. She's one of a few dedicated children at our parish who lend their enthusiastic voices each week at Sunday Mass. I'm one of the harried parents who rush the choristers through dinner and battle rush-hour traffic to get to rehearsal on time. While the kids are rehearsing, I'm off in a corner of the room reading a book or writing a blog post. Every once in a while, I'll look ... (Continue reading)

Love, and do what you will

I've been reading the Myers-Briggs personality profiles, assessing my personality, hoping that somewhere in the pages and pages of internet sources I will find the key to my success. I've learned a lot about myself—insomuch as I recognized traits and tendencies that I wasn't able to put into words before. I've also learned what my weaknesses are and what internet gurus suggest I do to work through them. And what is my greatest weakness? I lack follow-through. I always have. Not ... (Continue reading)

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Symptoms of disunity

About five years ago, my dad began working for a company that repairs railroad tracks. His job requires him to be away from home a lot. The first year, those of us who were left at home and were not in college made occasional trips to Nebraska or Texas to visit him for a week or two. These trips were limited in their length and their frequency by my mom’s job as a school bus driver. The second year, my dad ... (Continue reading)

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Did you hear the one about the woman who became a man but then gave birth to three kids and now wants a divorce? True story. Thomas Beatie was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino. He (she?) claims he always felt like a man trapped in a woman's body, so Tracy began the process of transgendering into Thomas in 1997. By 2002, Tracy became Thomas. In 2003, Thomas married his partner, Nancy, in Hawaii and they now live in Arizona. Since ... (Continue reading)

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My Fist Pumping Pope

I know everyone’s doing it, but I need to talk about the Pope. I don’t want to talk about conspiracy theories. I don’t want to talk about streets running with blood and the fact that this is somehow the possible fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima. I don’t want to address the fact that the Pope MUST be hiding something since old age and infirmity can’t really be a valid reason for bowing out from under the weight of ... (Continue reading)

The Dreaded Valentine’s

So it's here. That day that strikes fear and dread into the heart of attached and unattached persons alike. The day of heart-shaped tchotchke’s and overpriced roses and honeymoons in heart-shaped Jacuzzis in Niagara Falls. Hallmark’s biggest day of the year. Valentine's Day. Ugh. For me, V-Day conjures up memories of disappointment and hurt, of unrequited love and dashed expectations—so much so that the day has been ruined even ten years into a very happy romance and marriage. There were the years in high school ... (Continue reading)

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Sacrificing for the victory

Yesterday was the sort of day where curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a feather blanket seems like the only logical thing to do. A very nasty wet snow was falling, the temperature was just cold enough to be uncomfortable, and the sky was just gray enough to be really miserable. Since my three brothers and I were all staying inside most of the day anyway, we decided to have a rematch tournament in ... (Continue reading)

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Fasting: a common sense approach

Three years ago during a Lenten Friday Mass, I was called upon to use my nursing skills in an emergency situation. Just as the cantor began the Gospel Acclamation, an elderly woman in the pew in front of my family suddenly collapsed to the floor. My nursing instinct kicked in as I climbed over the back of the pew to get to her. As Father began proclaiming the Gospel, I performed a quick assessment of the frail woman and whispered ... (Continue reading)

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