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On the second day of Christmas…

So here we are on the far side of Christmas day. The sleepless nights of knitting and wrapping presents, hours of trying to find the perfect present for each person, the cooking, the cleaning, and the decorating are all finished. We made it to Mass, we had enough food for everyone, lots of nice presents (a few good gag gifts of course!), and a ton of family to spend the day with. The presents are all unwrapped (I think) and ... (Continue reading)

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The Holy Family

December 2012 cover

Our December 2012 cover artist, Janusz Charczuk, is originally from Poland, where he graduated from the Technical University of Gdansk with a Master’s in Architecture. His studies encompassed the fine arts, including the principles of architectural forms, composition, freehand drawing, painting, sculpture, and the history of art. Janusz immigrated to Canada in 1985, where he worked as an architect, and began painting icons about fifteen years ago. His work, which is available for purchase, can be viewed at What is this piece ... (Continue reading)

Our Lady’s Psalter

Our Lady's Psalter

Our Lady's Psalter: The Rosary of the Mystery of Christ Translated by Fr. Marco Testa ISBN 978-0-9880692-0-6 Cost: $10. Proceeds benefit the pro-life movement. Father Marco Testa, a priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto, has published a beautiful 63-page pocketbook with which to pray the Rosary: Our Lady’s Psalter, The Rosary of the Mystery of Christ. Fr. Marco explains that the Rosary originated in monastic times, between the 14th and 15th centuries. Dominic of Prussia, a Carthusian monk, composed meditations or clauses (clausulae) summarizing the ... (Continue reading)

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But for the grace of God

Pickwick Papers

Every Christmas my family and I read aloud Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. And every Christmas we thoroughly enjoy it and are impressed with how applicable it is to the world today—maybe even more so than when it was written. I guess it is like how I imagine really good wine that gets better with age to be (I have to rely on supposition because the family purse will not allow for gustatory examination). However, another ... (Continue reading)

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Education in the New Evangelization

The Year of Faith has encouraged a broad acceptance of new types of evangelization. These include the utilization of various new media and technologies to facilitate communication. Specifically, the expanded diffusion of the faith in the world is encouraged via a plethora of new communication tools. It is precisely the broad universal dimension of these media that allow for a greater dissemination of teachings of the Church to the world. This is mindful of the words of ... (Continue reading)

Obama’s Second Opus

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. - Abraham Lincoln It was the most anticipated election in generations. And the result shocked many Americans who’d been praying and fasting for weeks while working hard to get like-minded voters out to the polls. They were hoping their Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, might bring the US back from the brink of the destruction they were certain would come from ... (Continue reading)


Most years, the last week of Advent finds my family scrambling to finish the Christmas preparations. This year, it looks like everything will be in order an hour or two after Christmas Midnight Mass, which is to say, more or less on time. My scramble this year is doubly hectic. For the past few years, I have given a few family members knitted presents. I usually start Christmas knitting in early November, but since November was pretty ... (Continue reading)

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Religious Environmentalism and Population Control

Seems like those who give their hearts and souls to environmentalism are the only canonized saints these days: those who fight the good fight for mother earth by religiously performing the rituals of recycling, reducing, reusing, composting, eating only local organic food, having urban gardens, organizing CSAs, etc. Seems to me they've misplaced their faith—living solely by human standards instead of God’s. I’m definitely not saying that all manner of "saving the earth" is intrinsically evil or against the teachings of the ... (Continue reading)

Waiting and Knitting and Hoping

About twelve years ago, I learned how to knit. I learned the basics and then set it aside for a few years. Eventually, I took it up again and became a pretty good knitter. Knitting is a remarkably useful skill. Keeping your hands busy is good for focusing, whether on schoolwork or prayers, and it means that even watching TV is not a totally useless activity. If civilization crashed and burned, I could still have a nice pair of warm socks ... (Continue reading)

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Catholic marriage: you’re worth it.

A few days ago, one of my fellow bloggers posted an article entitled, “Marry that virtuous Atheist!” I respect Mary’s opinion—but I think she is dead wrong. And my reasons are based on Church teaching and logic. The belief that you can marry an atheist and be happy is based on hope—hope that your atheist spouse will eventually convert and espouse your faith. This is true and it can happen; anything is possible with God and with prayer. St. Monica ... (Continue reading)

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