A couple of postings for your perusal:

On the quality of mercy, in the light of the great Shakespeare.

And the young, politically active Alissa Golob’s take on her visit to President Trump’s inauguration and the March for Women.  We may not agree on all things, but different perspectives help at times.

And, speaking of different perspectives, I personally enjoyed Father Rutler’s take on, one might say gentle excoriation of, the naysayers against Donald Trump.  Politics, like much of life, is the art of the possible and the practical, while keeping our ideals in mind.

Peace, to all.

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John Paul Meenan
Born in Scotland, of Irish lineage and growing up in Canada, John Paul Meenan earned an M.Sc. in Neuroscience from the University of Western Ontario, and a M.A. in Theology from Saint Philip’s Seminary in Toronto. He has been at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College from its inception, and thanks God to have had the great gift to be involved in this apostolate and its growth. His interests include liturgy, prayer, faith and science, reading, writing, music, contentious and pleasant conversation, kayaking and cycling and all the great beauty of the Madawaska Valley.


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