What we’re looking on the web..

    Archbishop Prendergast decrees an end to eulogies by Kelly Egan, Tristan Hopper
    “In a Christian funeral, we gather not to praise the deceased, but to pray for them.”

    Making your way through Facebook’s 58 genders by Austin Ruse
    “For those who may want to change their gender on Facebook, here are a few definitions.”

    O, Alma Mater by Anne-Marie Maginnis
    “When a highly educated woman is home with her children … she weaves the richness of her education into their lives in continuous, subtle, living ways. … This gift is the transmission of culture.”

    Pope Francis meets with over 10,000 engaged couples by Junno Arocho Estevez
    “The fear of ‘forever’ is cured day by day through a life of prayer.”

    The couple that pays each other to put kids to bed by Ben Popken
    “They believe a better you is just a data point away.”

    The economics of sex (video) by Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture

    The parable of the unmerciful servant as told by kids (video) by First Baptist Church of Marble Falls
    “If I forgive you, why don’t you forgive the other people?”—featuring “Let It Go” and the White Witch of Narnia.