Warnings Ignored, Fears Substantiated?

The horror, the horror – final words of Kurtz in Josef Konrad’s Heart of Darkness

People warned of this many months ago, when the ‘vaccine’ mandates began. A report from the U.S. military shows that from January to October, 2021, (when compared to the previous five years) there has been reported:

  • Miscarriages — increase of 279% 
  • Female infertility – increase of 471% 
  • Male infertility — increase of 344% 
  • Congenital malformations (birth defects) – increase of 156% 

If these are the numbers after nine months, one wonders what they may be years from now.

As yet, this is correlative, in the sense that a ‘cause effect’ relationship has not been definitively proven, and there may be confounding factors that will need to be parsed out. But neither has it been disproven, and it seems awfully odd and tragic that since the mandates began in the military (where they are strictly enforced and health records dutifully kept) we have seen such tragic spikes.

Dr. Michael Yeardon, a former vice-president of Pfizer, who warned of this danger, is demanding an apology from media outlets for vilifying and ‘canceling’ him, and anyone else who raised concerns.

When we add to this the rest of the reported injuries and deleterious side-effects of these inoculations – including the verified cases of myocarditis, even in children (with Pfizer now seeking authorization for infants) – we should, at the very least call a halt to universal and mandated vaccination. I would add, an end to vaccination, period, at least until more testing is done.

Then again, just perhaps – and one is loathe even to ponder such – this is not a bug, but a feature. Whatever the ultimate cause – vaccines, Covid, or an adverse combination thereof – the world’s population may get a lot smaller, in accord with the deepest, depraved desires of the Davos crowd. Will we all be appalled at what we have done, and have allowed to be done, especially to our children? What sort of horror may be unfolding? And what may one day be said of the complaisance, if not outright complicity, however unwittingly, of so many politicians, physicians, priests, bishops…even our own Pope?

So stand fast, truckers, and all those, here in Canada and across the world, resisting these mandates. Keep up the good fight, for freedom, for truth.

And keep your wits, and your children, about you, dear reader.