The Pied Vipers of Inaina – A Fairy Tale By Brother Grimm

Once upon a time, in a world far away, there arose and advanced the militant Captitans who built their multi-windowed fortress Inaina upon a dark promontory faithfully overlooking the states of Men.  They hated Men because there were too many for their liking, and mere Men were of less worth, their lives of less value, the scum of the land indeed, compared to the cream that were Captitans who had it all and yet wanted more coming clinking in through their gates.  To rid the world of Men, the fellows wrothfully devised rum schemes and propagated various ideologies such Deltaclima, Jendafluda and Aboryta.  Then was birthed the idea of Guerabiola, a masterstroke!

Money, knowledge and vials of frozen biological code covered with fat were given to the Chiropteran Institute of Research whose professor was a general in the army of Pigtalia.  Here little Princes living in Fu were engineered by Shi, to be able to flourish in the bodies of Men and become evil little Princes – and they did.  And the Princes marched over land and sailed over sea in vessels of flesh – within which they broke their crowns.

Then the great Hunata created a false diagnostic to show that disease and death caused by the evil Princes were on a scale far greater than the reality.  The pseudo-Hippocrats who would usually evaluate clinical symptoms of someone who is sick and then test their assumption in a laboratory to confirm their diagnosis, now revolutionised healthcare and forcibly tested healthy Men who were hale and hearty with the Hunata diagnostic – and declared them patients, or cocases, based on the ubiquitous false positives.

Along came the Famis who sold Clotinja to be put in the bodies of Men, promising that it will protect them from the evil of the Princes.  But everywhere they put Clotinja in Men, the Princes flourished the better and became more able to march and sail and make more crowns, and to bring even more death and misery.  Apart from the pseudo-Hippocrats, there still were some eu-Hippocrats who wished to treat the disease with medicine, but they were silenced ostracised and removed.  The pseudo-Hippocrats decreed that that this illness shall only be addressed with Clotinja, and not medicine – at least until new patent-protected medicine came out.

When it became clear across the tribes and clans of the world that Clotinja did not work, the Famis mandated more Clotinja, and said that all Men should be violated with Clotinja, every six months, unhappily ever after.  No one asked why, if Clotinja did not prevent disease and Clotinja did not prevent spread of disease, why more Clotinja is expected to prevent disease when in fact it aggravates it.  No one asked why those who protect themselves from Clotinja are compelled into incarceration, when those who have been violated are spreading the Princes.  No one asked, if Clotinja protects the violated, why they are supposed to fear the un-Clotinjared?

Then the Gavas issued mandates to ensure that everyone needs to become a victim of the Clotinja.  Further tyranny was unleashed when they segregated the Men if they were sane – and glorified the insane.  Gavas used the reign of Princes and the triumph of Prince-makers to change culture.  For the protection of Men, it was said, to prevent transmission of Princes, it was said, places of prayer, worship and sacraments must be closed and families cannot gather – no, not even to the celebrate the coming of the King of Kings – but bars, brothels and abortuaries could remain open.

Hidden in the cave of Dala and Yun was the truth stone that knew that the Clotinja held far more power than imagined.  They could kill men by helping the Princes, but they could also kill and maim with their own power.  Indeed, Clotinja transformed men into factories of Prince-thorns – the evil weapon of the princes!   They made Men become Man-Prince hybrids as their genes intermingled.  Now Men could destroy themselves by themselves with Clotinja, while the evil Princes themselves become diminished in power, with every letter of the Greek alphabet.  Best of all, when Clotinja kills of their own power, no one attributes it to the Princes or to the Clotinja, but the Captitans rejoice the more, and the Meda who are in their power ensure that the trusted propagation of the false narrative suffers no adverse effects.  Then the pseudo-Hippocrats started telling Men that its normal for the young to have strokes and heart attacks, and that the unexpected miscarriage was also normal.  Lung disease and brain degeneration that get diagnosed years later would not be attributed to Clotinja.  The escalation in the incidence of cancers and auto-immune disorders also became normal.  But no one was allowed to ask why Men were suddenly dying and suffering from many different diseases.  No one could suggest that these were the direct response to violation by Clotinja.

Then they came for the Manbuds.  The children are the future.  How better to have power over Men, than to diminish the buds of Men?  In every village and in every city, the natives have submitted, willingly complied with the reign of lies, and even fought in queues to get Clotinjared.  Now they let their children dance to this rhythm played by the iridescent Meda with or without compulsion from the pseudo-Hippocrats, Hunata and the Gavas who are mere wax in the hands of the Captitans – who themselves perhaps are possessed by the Archfiend, the Duke of Dissimulation.  The tune is played everywhere, and how attractive is the motley apparel, Men think.  It must be right and good, Men think.  Even Manbudlings of six months began to croon and sway to the tune, even though they could not stand up or walk, let alone dance.  Let our children sway to the music and follow the professors and the magicians – and will they wake up tomorrow and see that the children are indeed gone, the nests ringing with quiet?  And deep in their hearts Men knew that they too have cooperated with the fiend, the hater of joy, to bring to power to the chieftains of the north and the chieftaines of the south, to feed the Meda, to glorify the Hunata, and to enrich the Captitans.

How many unaccountable deaths and debilities explained away as due to natural causes will Men endure before courage will triumph?  But there are a few, yet too few, who have the courage to fight for reason, life, and truth.  But will they be made to fall and will their buds perish with them?  In some lands, brave Men have begun to rise up and roll in protest of medical tyranny, the violation of liberty, the mutilation of society and thievery of the buds of Men, even though their compatriots whisper,’ comply comply, conform conform, submit to the fear.   Some Men will make sacrifice to restore joy – they are willing to suffer so that scales will fall from eyes and lies will be washed away.  When enough staunch Men stand tall in armour of light, with shields of truth to defend them and swords of love to pierce, will the Captitans and their pawns will be defeated?  That story is yet to be written, and it may be tale of tragedy – or a victorious epic.

This is not The End.  We have arrived at a new beginning.

In the year of 1284, on the day of Saints John and Paul on June 26, by a piper, clothed in many kinds of colours, 130 children born in Hamelin were seduced, and lost at the place of execution near the Koppen.” – the Lueneburg manuscript (c 1440 – 50).