The Life Long Tragedy of Preventing Puberty

We are witnessing a Mengelian mangling of the medical system, and this piece by Corinna Cohn offers a personal and troubling view of what puberty blockers and ‘gender transitioning’ really imply. It’s a horror story unfolding, one that may have appeared decades ago on some dystopic sci-fi pic, only that no one’s imagination was this twisted, nor did anyone, from Kafka to King, ever think up a tale so tragic. These children will be chained to the medical system for the rest of their lives.

There will be reckoning, in this life and, more to the point, in the next. Christ, our Pantocrator and Judge, is not pleased, and how long, as Our Lady cries out, will the arm of His justice be stayed?

What you do to one of these little ones, you do unto me.