The Liberal Gong Show

The Gong Show – from which we derive the term ‘a gong show’, sometimes morphed into a more scatological form, which may apply more aptly here – was a campy variety program that ran from 1976 to 1989, where a panel of celebrity judges watched amateur and often embarrassingly bad acts, and would ‘gong’ them off the stage when they’d had enough.

Well, the gong show that is Justin Trudeau’s ‘Liberal’ leadership continues to unravel, long – too long – after the twenty seconds allotted to the aforementioned participants, with the shrug-of-his-shoulders resignation of Bill Morneau, and his replacement with the ubiquitous minister-of-everything, Krystia Freeland – who, we may hope, whatever her level of competence for her new role, is less free with her hand-in-the-taxpayer-cookie-jar than Mr. Millionaire Morneau. She will likely continue the trend, printing more fiat money to make up the shortfall, until the whole magical Ponzi scheme is shown up for what hucksterism it is.

Virtue leads to order – or cosmos, in Greek – sin and vice lead to its opposite, chaos. That is at least one manifestation of Christ’s words by their fruits ye shall know them. I make no final judgement on those currently running this once-proud country, formed and shaped by missionaries, pioneers statesmen, mothers and fathers, working and toiling to give shape and form to what we now take for granted, and are dissipating at an increasing rate. Besides their blatant venality and insouciant entitlement to privilege, their avowed allegiance to the culture of death in just about all its forms does not bode well for them, or for us. Just as the virtues are all interconnected, and lead to a proper integration of persons and societies, so too are the vices, but leading to a disastrous dis-integration of person, and, yes, socieities.

Is there hope? Well, there’s always hope – at least supernatural, but also natural, that we may see virtue and cosmos, at least amongst some.

Time to gong the Trudeau and his Liberals, for good.