The Beginning and End

It took nearly a hundred years – in galactic terms, I admit, a twinkle of an eye – but astronomers have now officially re-named the ‘Big Bang’ Theory, the ‘Hubble-Lemaitre’ theory. Edwin Hubble was the famed American astronomer who noticed that galaxies are receding from us, in fact everything receding from everything else in the universe, at a speed directly proportional to their distance.

This gave solid credence to the theory of Father Georges Lemaitre, the Belgian priest who posited, based on Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, that the universe began from an infinitesimally small point, of zero dimensions, really from ‘nothing’, expanding outwards at a fantastic rate with unimaginable energy, still continuing to this day.

Of course, this theory is fully consistent with and supportive of the doctrine of creation ex nihilo, which is why the atheist British astronomer Frederick Hoyle mocked Lemaitre’s hypothesis with the originally derisive nickname of the ‘Big Bang’ in a 1946 BBC interview. But Lemaitre’s theory is now the orthodox view, in more ways than one, as in ortho-doxa, ‘right praise’, for the heavens really are telling the glory of God.

Please do peruse, if you like, my last year’s article on this whole theory.

As a final note on the Big Bang, the creator of the show by that name, which bears little resemblance to the discipline and erudition of the astronomers and scientistis who actually derived the theory, which in turn inspired, if that be the verb, the tepid, immoral mess of a show, has posted a message following the (thankfully) final episode, wishing some kind of Old Testament wrathful vengeance to fall upon President Trump.

It’s funny how even agnostic Hollywood types still have to invoke God to get their dirty work done.

And while on dirty work, the environmental types, our own Liberals and NDP right on the bandwagon, are getting even more strident – if such be possible – on the need to reduce ‘carbon emissions’, now declaring that we have a scant twelve years left – a Biblical number, but one wonders why they chose it of all the myriads they could have – before the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it global warming becomes irreversibly destructive. Alas, and they mock Maxime Bernier – for whom I hold no particular affection nor esteem, but who is leaning in the right direction – for declaring that carbon dioxide is ‘plant food’, and indeed, it is necessary for plants’ growth and maintenance. Recall, if it does not cause too many unpleasant past associations, the whole ‘carbon cycle’ thing we learned, or tried to learn, in high school, wherein the lovely plants of our world absorb CO2 and water, converting them to sugar and oxygen. Not a bad system, God set up.

It would do well for these chicken-little scientists to learn a thing or two about the cautionary and provisional nature of all science, which is why Father Lemaitre himself warned Pope Pius XII from using his theory as a proof for God’s existence, for his theory may well not be true. For God’s existence is more certain than the Big Bang, and certainly more certain than the apocalyptic and apoplectic doomsday scenarios of scientists scarcely on the sane side of sanity anymore.

And please do peruse Paula Adamick’s take on General Franco as the foe of Communism, an atheistic, even satanic, ideology that caused the death of untold numbers in its relentless march across Europe before and after World War II. Franco held the tide back in Spain, at least until its revival in a different form under Zapata in 2007. We will continue to reap the bitter fruits of socialism until we see it for what it is, which Franco so clearly did.

We must train ourselves to see the truth through the thicket of lies, bold and subtle. For Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end of all things, a salubrious thought on this day dedicated to all souls, who will live forever, after these heavens and this earth have passed away, however and at the moment God so wills.