Some Good News

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A couple of good news stories, to lift our spirits a little.  We will hopefully have more of these to share in these pages:

In light of this year dedicated to Saint Joseph, Poland’s bishops plan to consecrate their noble nation to the great patriarch, on the feast of the Holy Rosary next October:

According to Nasz Dziennik on October 7, 2021 the President of the Polish Bishops Conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gądecki, together with other Polish bishops, are are going to make a solemn act of entrustment of Polish Nation and the Church to Saint Joseph in Kalisz Sanctuary.

Perhaps, you never know, our own episcopacy might do something similar, given that Saint Joseph is our primary patron, and we could certainly use the patronage, and his mighty intercession.

And, south of us in Florida, currently one of the most sane places on the planet, here is Governor Ron de Santis rejecting the insane ‘critical race theory’, that, from what we know so far, does little except stoke the fires of racism, and help obliterate rational discourse and dialogue. Good for the Governor for going against the tide with magnanimity:

And lastly but not least, on this solemnity of Saint Joseph, the Vatican has given a ‘negative’ to the dubium – that is, the question or doubt – whether homosexual unions, for all the proper dignity accorded to the persons involved, can receive the blessing of the Church. A firm ‘no’ was the reply, for such unions are not ordered to the good of the couple, nor the good of children – as any sexual union of its very nature must be – and they would provide a scandal to the faithful. Such may be a hard saying for some – Elton John amongst them – but ’tis for the good of souls, the preservation of what it means to be a ‘family’ in this year of Saint Joseph, and to lead many to heaven with the clarity and truth of the Faith. May hearts be opened to accept what God has written into our very nature from the beginning.