A Reader’s Criticism and a Rallying Cry

A reader – perhaps, as he admits, for his first and only time – wrote the following comment in response to my Dominion Day piece:

Newly aware of this Catholic website I am quite surprised and disappointed with the political content. There are many other media sources to read if one is seeking political opinion. A cup of inspirational content with a spoonful of political opinion is not a savoury mix.

The title of this opinion piece would not portend the Trudeau bashing, but the China flag superimposed on the Canadian flag should have been a red flag 😏

Before I leave this too-political site, may I suggest balancing the ‘thumbs up’ agreement button, with a ‘thumbs down’ feedback button (after articles and opinion pieces) to provide those who may disagree, the option to vote accordingly. That is of course, if balanced feedback is desired.

I would reply most heartily, that ‘balanced feedback’ is always desired! I had no idea there was a ‘like’ button, or thumbs up, and would gladly put in a ‘thumbs down’ option, but would prefer something written, even a sentence or two. Certainly, I welcome criticism, even if hard to take, and will read what readers send, and, if it makes sense, will try to adapt.

Perhaps, looking back at the piece, there is slightly more than a tinge of ‘Trudeau bashing’. I generally strive to avoid ad hominem arguments. But it’s not so much the Trudeaus I’m criticizing – as tempting as that be, as their personalities, such as they are, rub me the wrong way, and I must admit to an antipathy for men such as they – but rather their policies: Trudeau père legalizing abortion, contraception, sodomy; and Trudeau fils now supporting pre-born murder for all nine months of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever, and who has now legalized, and fully supports, the widespread murder-suicide of the elderly and sick. Add to this transgenderism, gay pride all the time, the undermining of marriage, rampant drug use, all the while justifying this under the name of ‘compassion’ and ‘tolerance’. No Liberal member is permitted even a whisper of opposition, but are trained – coerced – to clap like sycophantic seals, or be cast into the outer darkness. Now we have laws soon to be on the books censoring Canadians, to suppress the truth.

So we will speak out, while we are still free to do so. We would criticize also the aberrant policies of the ‘Conservatives’, NDP, Green – but they are just following in the winding path of Trudeau into the forest thickets.

Are we too political? Much depends on what that term means. Aristotle said that man is a political animal, which means that by nature we live in society, and must develop laws, customs, rules not only to ‘get along’, but to flourish and prosper, to reach our end not only in this life, but the next. This means pointing out the truth in no uncertain, even ‘political’, terms. (See the upcoming piece by Dr. Alexander Lozano, for a case in point)

I’d rather not write about Trudeau, or any other politician or their party, if they were to stick to what they were meant to do; in fact, it would be more peaceful and pleasant just to write of truth, goodness and beauty; or even to retire to prayer, music and reading, perhaps with some teaching, cycling and kayaking on the side, and only write in these pages to help get the truth across to others, in a spirit of dialogue and, hopefully, charity.

There is a broader issue here, in terms of the mission of Catholic Insight: Certainly we strive to focus on ‘inspirational’ pieces, to give readers a small glimpse of all that is true, good and beautiful, especially in our Catholic Church, the saints, the liturgy, the music, the art, the intellectual and spiritual tradition.

But this theological treasury must also be applied to the real, concrete, historical world in which we live – orthodoxy, or right teaching, must at some point become orthopraxis, right practice. The Church, her pontiffs, saints and even regular pew-sitters, have done no less. We all have a duty to defend the weak and defenceless; to protect our nation from tyrannical over-reach; to educate our children (and ourselves) in freedom; and to safeguard a ‘true, north, strong and free’ milieu in which we all may speak the truth, even what we may consider to be the truth, freely. Otherwise, we will soon have a Communist People’s Republic of Canada, if we’re not already more than halfway there. Part of the problem of our modern era is that too many of us have been too complacent and complaisant, somehow hoping that much blather about ‘love’ will somehow bring people to the good. As we have seen, false love can do great evil, and we have surrendered far too much ground, almost our entire culture, to the powers of darkness. What we need is a revival of the spirit that motivated the Apostles, the evangelists, the missionaries, the crusaders, even the martyrs and saints of all stripes. What we need is confidence in God and His truth – a bold holiness, vivid and real, in theory, and in practice.

I will take the whole ‘political’ focus into account. And if I, or anyone else, in this mission ever violates that spirit of caritas et veritas, please do feel free to chime in, write, respond. An essay is just what its name implies – an attempt, an effort – and no writing is ever perfect. Readers are in no way bound to read everything printed here, and are certainly free to criticize, or praise, whatever they do read. The truth is often found in dialogue, so may the conversation continue!

As a final note, it would be preferable if commentators use their real names. I can sympathize with anonymity, but it helps if we all have some ‘skin is in the game’, so to speak, or chips on the table. Barring outright persecution, – which may happen, as it has in the past – or clear and present fear of retribution, we should stand by our words with who we are, and address each other personally.

Gratias Deo +