RCMP for Freedom, and the CCCB for…

‘Tis disconcerting that here in Canada our federal police force, the RCMP – meant to protect our bodies and property – writes more cogently and clearly on these ‘vaxx mandates’ than what much of what we have seen from our episcopacy – who have the task of guiding our souls to heaven. There are some of our bishops who have stood fast against coercion, and God bless them for it.

We should clarify that it’s not officially the ‘RCMP’, but a group with the red-serge brigade calling themselves ‘Mounties4Freedom’. Here is the statement – along with a petition – to their own head honcho, Brenda Lucki:


I hope our bishops, some of whom are mandating the vaccine for all employees and workers, and one of them also for all parishioners (more on Newfoundland later) take a few moments to read this over. Even our Holy Father – who now plans to make a pilgrimage to Canada, and more on that also, soon – would do well to reflect on his own unqualified support for this experimental inoculation, which has already wrought deleterious effects in untold numbers.

Here’s to freedom to make the right choice for each one of us, in good conscience.