Protecting Your Children

I don’t normally watch television, but was at someone’s home recently where the black box was on, projecting its neon images into eyes and minds. As we watched Jeopardy! (something I used to do with my dear Mum, who was devoted to the show), to my consternation, a government-sponsored commercial was aired urging parents to have their children 5 and over ‘vaccinated’ against Covid. The scare quotes are necessary, not just because the mRNA jab is not a vaccine in any traditional sense, but, what is more, the commercial itself admits that the purported therapy doesn’t really work. After pictures of little moppets running around, there is a caveat that the ‘vaccine’ may not even prevent your child getting Covid, but will (may?) ‘lesson the symptoms’.

Hold on, I thought. How in Hippocrates’ name are we to know that, and how is this not wild west, magic potion, snake oil, back-of-a-wagon type hucksterism? You know the type from any number of films:

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! The formula in this little bottle will protect you from colds and flus of all kinds“!

I took your stuff, and still got sick!”

Yes, sir, but just imagine how sick you would have got if you hadn’t taken my elixir! And how healthy you will be if you take some more! Sign up for a lifetime!”

Oh, yeah, I guess...”

Where is the evidence for such a ‘lessening of symptoms’? What, pray tell, would such even look like, given that children have minimal symptoms to begin with? And, more to the point, how could there ever be proof, as each child is unique, and cannot provide a ‘sample size’, nor is any ‘control group’ to demonstrate a significant effect?

Even prescinding from any deep conspiracy theories – and we should not necessarily discount them – need we belabour the point that children are, and have always been, at no significant risk from Covid? That natural immunity is far superior to an ill-tested genetic therapy? That this coerced medical intervention has now evinced any number of very real health risks, especially in young and developing bodies, and many of which may only manifest in the months and years to come?

Parents, discern, ponder and keep your wits about you. Bow not to the neon god we have made. Protect your children, for they have only one life to live.