Prophetic Parodies

  • I’m not sure if that anti-rape dancing video we posted recently was a parody, but the influx of migrants does not seem to be. The Camp of the Saints, which was a parodic novel, which has nearly reached its fifth decade, instead seems prescient, as Erdogan promises to allow ‘millions’ of migrants pour into Europe from the Middle East and regions beyond, via Turkey.

It seems a self-evident truth that not all cultures are equal. The Judeo-Christian heritage which built what we know as ‘Europe’, which in turn laid the foundations for Canada and the United States, has no equivalent in history. Everything from the rights of Man to the right of private property, to participation in government, to the right to life and liberty as persons made in God’s image – all of this exists nowhere in its integrity except in those cultures formed and immersed in the fullness of Catholic truth.

Which, of course, is why the million-march of migrants wants to come here, instead of, say Afghanistan or Kazakhstan, where there’s lots of open space.

The migrants better hurry, for we are losing our culture – because we’re losing our religion, in the ironic ballad of R.E.M. The juggernaut of death continues steamrolling over this fair land: With the loosening of restrictions of euthanasia – as was to be expected,

Irene Thomas Hospice, rest in peace.

logical will follow, including coercion. The Irene Thomas hospice outside Vancouver has now been forced to close. They offered to reduce their share of government funding, but the British Columbia health authority refused – comply by killing your patients, or allowing them to be killed, or you will be shut down. As has come to pass. So there goes one safe haven of true palliative care, and the rest will now fall like dominoes. All that will soon stand are charnel houses of death, as the government seems determined that the full range of ‘medical services’ – including murder-suicide bordering on the coercive – must be open to all.

Canada has become the most death-friendly regime in the world – with the possible exceptions of China and North Korea – killing off its citizens, from up to the point of birth, to just before the point of death, and now encroaching on everything in-between.

In the novel, there is one last redoubt of Christian civilization, but in real life, there will be more. God will never abandon His Church, nor His people – and, who knows, perhaps those millions will recognize the fullness of the truth, be converted, and rebuild what is left of Europe in full splendour and glory.

We can always hope, even, or especially, against hope.