Pro-Life Self-Defence

Troubling news from the pro-life front, as a demonstrator, Marie-Claire Bissonnette, (an alumna of Seat of Wisdom where I teach) was physically attacked (round-house kicked) by a pro-abortion demonstrator during last Sunday’s Life Chain in Toronto, after he had defaced their signs and clothing, including that of little children. The insouciant response of the police officers who eventually showed up, after the assailant had run away, was also significant.

I wonder where the men were in all of this? Perhaps there were a few present, but perchance elderly, or far away and did not see the assault. Mr. Pentagram-Chuck-Norris-wannabee would likely have thought twice of lashing out at someone who could, and would, lay him flat on his cowardly, cossetted keister; and you don’t need Chuck Norris; any man worthy of his salt will do.

I long for the days of yore, which did not, in the main, tolerate such disordered, angry dweebs who feel they can kick women and scribble markers on the backs of children; when men were men and women were women, and such ‘problems’ as arose were handled by those on the ground, instead of waiting for bored and overpaid state officials; by the time they arrive, the damage is inevitably already done, and there’s little they can do, or are inclined to. We should learn to take more matters into our own hands, which is what life is all about, really.

One ironic blessing in incidents such as this is showing that the mask is slipping off the face of evil, so often presented as compassion, love, mercy and oh-so-kind. Yet, there it is for those with eyes to see, that behind the ‘right to abortion’, there is the deliberate and premeditated, cold and calculated murder of a child (revealed in the recent film on the mass-murderer-abortionist ‘Dr.’ Kermit Gosnell). ‘Transgenderism’ involves the radical and irrevocable mutilation of the most intimate parts of the body; and homosexuality, of course, the grave and debilitating misuse of sexuality. Call things what they are, Pope John Paul asked.

On that note, I for one would not mind, in fact would relish, people saying what they really mean and intend – and that includes those in the Church – instead of obfuscating their intentions by ambiguous terms. Let’s get the cards on the table.

Of course, if they did, the game would be up, and their arguments do not hold water, which is why when the mask does slip, they resort to abuse, lies, calumny, and, in the end, violence, the ad baculum logical fallacy, literally ‘to the stick’; and they will stick it to you until you submit.

But we, those of us of sound mind, must not give sway to falsity and evil. Yes, we will have to set our faces like flint and endure suffering, which is far better than inflicting it, but at the same time we have a duty to defend the innocent and those who cannot defend themselves.

Christ did encourage us to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), but he also admonished us, metaphorically to some extent one might presume, to sell our cloak and buy a ‘sword’, if we don’t already have one (Luke 22:36).

For the war drums are beating, and the battle ahead.