Princess Kate

Katherine Middleton, Princess of Wales, as readers are likely aware, has just made a moving public announcement that she is suffering from cancer.  She speaks stoically, but there must be much emotion behind the royal poise. We should pray for her and her family – she is but 42, with three young children. And not just for her, for there are many in her tragic situation, with apparently unexpected cancers, in what some are calling an epidemic. That aside, God always sends suffering for a purpose, even if that be mysterious and hidden on this side of eternity. For His very purpose may well be – usually is, and always is in some way – eternal in its scope, to draw one closer to Him, the source of all hope.

May she receive what healing is within God’s holy and perfect will, and carry the cross to which she has been called. We all have our own, and our heaven is in bearing it well, in patience and charity. We wish her the best.

Saints Catherine, George and Raphael, orate pro ei, et pro nobis. +