Population Control, Royalty and Fighting the Good Fight

Paula Adamick’s article on the socialist and anti-Christian philosophy behind ‘Earth Day‘, celebrated, if such be the term, on the birthday of Lenin himself, as well as her take on the whole environmentalist agenda, should give one deep food for thought. Yes we must treat our world with care and foresight, but always remember that the Earth was made for Man, and not the other way around. Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 screed ‘The Population Bomb’, in which he advocated forced steriliization, most definitely failed to explode. It turns out the world God created has plenty of resources, if we but use our God-given ingenuity. The reduction of humans to a ‘blight’ upon the Earth, a point of view whose origins are in that whole Satanic Manichean heresy, that human, bodily life is a curse, has revived through the ages in various guises, as Gnosticism, Albigensianism, Catharism, and, now, environmentalism. Saint Thomas and Saint John Paul II were implacable foes of this anti-creation, anti-body and anti-human creed. On the contrary, every human life is to be welcomed with joy and gratitude, and we should use this world as it is meant to be, as a means and a gateway to eternal life. Go forth and multiply, sayeth the Lord, and subdue the Earth, not do obeisance to it, for the world and all its wonders are His gift to us, and every one of us a king and queen, in our own unique and unrepeatable way.

And on royalty, I was almost right: Will and Kate did indeed name their boy Arthur, at least they put the royal moniker in the middle, with Louis as the first, after Louis Mountbatten, who would be William’s grand-grand-uncle, if my estimations are correct, assassinated at the age of 79 by the IRA on August 27th, 1979, blown up along with his fishing boat, in a blast that also killed others friends and family members, including a 14 and a 5 year old.

I personally also hope for the intercession of one of the greatest kings in history, albeit French, the ninth by the name of Louis, contemporaneous with Saint Thomas Aquinas, who died while on Crusade in 1270. As an historical footnote, Louis’ father seems briefly to have been king of England a generation earlier, around the time of the Magna Carta in 1215, but just for the briefest of time, when the British quickly rebelled and drove the French out of London; apparently, they disliked English wine (yes, they had such back then, when the world was a warmer, more Catholic and better place), and did not like the taste of their ale.

Here’s hoping Louis Arthur lives a good life, one that reflects well upon the monarchy.

And, on monarchs, men and boys, Justin Trudeau has doubled own on the ‘abortion attestation’, claiming that he will not stand anyone standing in the way of a woman’s right to ‘reproductive freedom’, which seems to mean freedom from being a woman, or at least a mother. I wonder how long before our Conservatives, and our conservatives, become more vocal in their opposition to the incipient tyrant, testing out the reach of his authority.

The heart of the 12th century Irish bishop Saint Laurence O’Toole, stolen from Christ Church cathedral in Dublin back in 2012, was found just the other day, and returned to its resting place in triumph. There is a church in the small town where I live dedicated to Saint Lawrence, which someone I know thought was a pub when he first drove into town.  Glad to see the good bishop has his heart back, and we can pray that this gives more thumos to the episcopacy in Ireland and throughout the Church, that whole Greek notion of spirit, courage, enthusiasm, zeal.

And a final note, with where we began: Austin Ruse has a wake-up call for Catholic colleges, being attacked under the aegis of sexual conduct policies, of all things.  The whole thing seems to by left-wing groups themselves funded and spearheaded by the anti-Catholic, billionaire, population-control advocate George Soros. Administrators are fearful, for, as I wrote not too long ago, the process in these things is the very punishment.

It is time to stand up against the forces of evil, for they will not give pause or respite. Give us courage, peace, serenity, O Lord, that we may do Thy will. As the Almighty encouraged the Israelites when facing the innumerable hordes of the Moabites and Ammonites, the battle is not theirs, nor ours, but God’s.