Oxymoronic Synodality, Blackface and Green Truancy

Devils in Sheep's Clothing? (cbc.ca)

‘Binding synodality’ we add to the list of oxymorons – those obviously incompatible concepts that people still stick together. Synods, that is, gatherings of bishops, do not bind anyone, in or out of conscience, unless the Bishop of Rome decrees they do by his ‘supreme, universal authority’. As the note added to the Dogmatic Constitution of the Church, Lumen Gentium, declares, there is no College of Bishops without the Head.

This particularly applies if what the synod teaches is contrary to the Depost of Faith, safeguarded and expounded by that same Holy Father.

So we should not worry overmuch about the synod of Germans, which seems poised to regularize practices that have already been proscribed or en condemned, from dispensing from priestly marriage, to same-sex unions, women deacons  and so on. They may kick against the goad, but they cannot kick against God, Whose truth always wins out.

What does one say of Trudeau in blackface – which many news sources, including our own CBC, to whom this must arrive as a great humiliation, as ‘brown’ face.  What does one expect? Universal moral principles from a man whose moral compass spins magnetic zeitgeist, with a vague ‘feel  good’ barometer, one of those whom Saint Jude describes as ‘waterless clouds, carried along by winds’? Back in 1991, Trudeau though it hip to dress up as someone of a different race and face, which was sort of ‘cool’ in the days of minstrelsy in 1841. Now that the winds have changed, so has Trudeau.

Of course, I care not much about his antics in university, but rather his current commitment – and here his otherwise wildly spinning moral compass shows its true north, or south, as the case may be – to the culture of death, pre-born murder, end-of-life murder, suicide and the spiritual and physical mutilation of children in the name of ‘gender’.

Denying him re-election because of his past stupidity is like jailing Al Capone for tax evasion; but if it works, go for it. Just so long as someone worse does not take over. And there’s always someone worse.

And, on that note, today is purportedly the biggest ‘climate action day’ in history, whatever that means. All, apparently, due to precocious little Greta Thurnberg, behind whom stands dark spirits far larger and more menacing than she and, as Belloc warned, they are not smiling. What ‘action’ do such myriads of brainwashed truants from work and school want? There is at least one non-action, and that is, not having children, which tragic neo-Malthusian promise some children have already vowed to this pagan mythical ‘god’. Behind ‘climate change’  is a disdain, even a loathing, of human life in all its fullness, an inverted message that we are made for the Earth, and not the other way around. Yes, we must care for our planet, treat the things around us with respect, but this mass hysteria, the imperviousness to reason and any rational discussion; the rigid, wild-eyed nonsense of reducing ‘carbon’, which more or less means ‘human life and properly human activity’ to near non-existent levels, has more than faint whiff of quite simply the diabolical, or at least propaedeutic thereto.

Go forth and multiply, in whatever way you are called, spiritually for all, and physically for some. Live and large and boldly, and fear not. God has provided enough for all.