Our Lady of Fatima to Blessed Jacinta

Here are some of the warnings Our Lady of Fatima gave to Blessed Jacinta, in turn to give to others, before her death from influenza, in great suffering offered up for sinners, on February 20, 1920, just shy of turning ten years old.

  • “More souls go to hell because of sins of impurity more than any other.”
  • “War is a punishment from God for sins.”
  • “Certain fashions are going to be introduced that will offend Our Lord very greatly and those who serve God should not follow them.”
  • “Many marriages are not good, they are not pleasing to our Lord and are not of God.”
  • “Priests must be very pure and concentrate on their mission to the Church and souls, and be obedient to the Pope and their Superiors.”

Jacinta never tired of encouraging others to love Our Lord and His Mother, as well as to pray for the Holy Father and make sacrifices for sinners. During her Beatification on May 13, 2000, Pope St. John Paul II publicly thanked her for her prayers and sacrifices.

(From the spirituality of Bd. Jacinta)