Of Conscience and Rights

Yesterday, Dr. Sephora Tang, a young psychiatrist plying her trade in Ottawa, whom I happen to know, was on the CBC’s Ontario Today defending conscience rights of physicians, especially in the face of the euphemistic ‘medical assistance in dying’ laws forcing them to participate in euthanasia.  Doctors are fighting an uphill battle, as they are fully funded by the government, and he who pays the bills calls the shots.  But natural law still trumps, including the right not the cooperate in violations of said natural law.

And speaking of violations of natural law, you must read this obituary by Mark Steyn after the death of one of the many nigh-uncountable ‘crown princes’ of the House of Saud, whence the name ‘Saudi Arabia’ derives, Prince Abdul-Rahman bin Abdulaziz al Saud. God rest his soul, and I hope he found the mercy of God as he passed into eternity, but Steyn’s eye-opening account provides a window into certain variations of the Islamic mind and custom, not least in the realm of family and conjugal life, which cannot provide the basis for any healthy notion of culture.  As Pope John Paul II said so truly and prophetically, as the family goes, so goes society.  And society is, well, going.

On that note, I will have more to write on the transgender issue, which is washing like a bizarre, insane, psychologically unhinged tsunami over the minds of our the people of our time.  From ‘girls’ who are boys blowing away the female competition at track meets, to ‘Caitlin’ Jenner now applying for a Senate seat, and now ‘women’ who are really ‘transgender men’ joining the elite special forces of the United States.  I suppose the insanity will meet reality at some point, but the collision may not be all that pleasant.