Nuns on the Bus

    Ah, Nuns on the Bus. What a fantastic, dedicated, orthodox pillar of Catholicism this group is. It abides by the Magisterium, is obedient to the Pope, and is doctrinally sound. Oh, wait. It’s not. Nuns on the Bus is made up of the liberal-progressive leftovers of the 1960s feminist movement, armed to the teeth with propaganda that has no economic, factual, or religious truth.

    The nuns denounce GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan, saying the Ryan Budget is immoral and not in line with “real” Catholicism. According to them, the real Catholic stance is a socialistic redistribution of wealth where the government is in charge of all the poor and all their needs. Yes: that is true charity.

    Nuns on the Bus leader Sr. Simone Campbell recently stated that to make up for food stamp cuts in the Ryan Budget, “every church in this country would have to come up with approximately $50,000 dedicated to feeding people—every year for the next 10 years.” But wait—isn’t that what is called “charity”? When the government takes money from my pocket to give it to someone else, it is called a tax. It is my responsibility to take my own money and resources and help those in need.

    While publicly condemning Romney and Ryan, the nuns proclaim Barack Obama and the Democratic Party to be the true heroes—and more in line with Christ’s teachings.

    They are so off base it is difficult to take them seriously. One example of many: in 2011, Romney gave 6.1% more to charity than Obama and Biden combined, donating 29.4% of his income ($4,020,772 of $13,696,951). Obama gave 21.8%; Biden gave 1.5% (via Politico).

    But we do have to take seriously the fact that people believe these nuns: the election is running on a close margin and our country—and our Church—cannot afford another four years of Obama.

    The problem is that somewhere along the line, these nuns and 50% of US Catholics decided that they neither have to follow Church teachings nor obey the Pope. To put this into perspective on an authoritative level, it is like me saying I know more than the thousands of theologians and philosophers who slaved for years over the Bible, analyzed its hidden truths, and in the light of revelation transcribed the tenets of the Faith without a single contradiction. I know better than them; the Church is stuck in the Dark Ages; it is old-fashioned; it is way behind the times; it is my job to set these old fogeys straight.

    Let us just forget how not behind the times the Church is. Let us forget that the Church is singlehandedly the largest charitable organization in the world. Let us forget that the Church teaches people to help people, rather than relying on government programs to live the beatitudes. Let us forget that the Church has lived for 2000 years and weathered heresies, ignorance, war, strife, persecution—not because she adapted to the world but because she stood firm in her beliefs, beliefs backed by the Bible, Christ’s teachings, and Tradition.

    Have these nuns considered what they are really supporting when they tout Obama and his party as saviours? Do they realize they are signing the death warrants of millions of human beings by abortion? Do they realize they are supporting access to free birth control, which includes Plan B contraceptives? Do they realize they are supporting embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia, and infanticide? Do they realize that Obama’s socialistic financial plan is sending us right off an economic cliff–the same cliff that Spain, with 25% unemployment and astronomically high poverty level, drove off years ago?

    These nuns are not Catholic. They relinquished that name the moment they gave their vote to Obama, the moment they supported the murder of an unborn child, the moment they intentionally disobeyed the Church’s teachings, the moment they proclaimed themselves bigger than the Vicar of Christ.

    It seems to me that the Nuns on the Bus have written off more than 47%. They’ve written off an entire generation.

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