Freeze and Seize

As I write, the police are cracking down on the Freedom Convoy, crowding bystanders into a smaller area of downtown, while truckers are arrested. To their credit, the protestors are all being peaceful, many praying, and we should join them in that prayer.
This, while the Prime Minister and his Finance Minister freeze (and seize?) the bank accounts of anyone they deem even to be suspected of supporting the Freedom Convoy (and being a ‘Trump Supporter’ is also a red flag).
After the despicable GoFundMe refused to hand over donations, some gave via the Christian Give-Send-Go fundraising platform. (See here for an inspiring brief interview with its founder – skip to minute 22). Well, that account was mysteriously hacked (the unstable hacker recently outing himself in gloating fashion), and all donors revealed to the federal government. What happens now, is anyone’s guess. Will people lose their savings for giving the truckers fifty bucks for gas or food, or for buying a MAGA hat two years ago? Many have already lost their livelihoods.
And for those gloating, thinking ‘good’, or trying to stay on the fence, remember that if they can do this to them, they can do this to you, just as soon as you do, say, support, tweet, or post something the government – that is, Trudeau – happens not to like. Canada is descending into a full-bore tin-pot totalitarian dictatorship before our eyes.
Will Canadians stand for this? Jordan Peterson gives this government two weeks before it collapses. Perhaps, but I think that God has to intervene in some way. As we have written before, and I won’t rehearse the dirty laundry list, but Canada has been immersed in deep evil for some decades now, and is due for a good scouring. We need to be brought to our knees, in prayer, supplication and repentance.
The reader could write the Governor-General, expressing your loss of confidence in the current leadership of this Dominion. (email It may not do much, but one never knows. That could be God’s intervention. But I think it may be something, well, more radical, to the root, to expose what is deep within each of our hearts.
Oremus pro invicem, in gaudio Domini! We were made for these days.